Window replacement, the investment that saves money

Replace windows and increase insulation It is one of the most common reforms to improve the energy efficiency of the house. Here we show you how This reform can be more than an expense but an investment.


How much does a window replacement cost?

That The cost of replacing windows can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Type of opening: Depending on the shape, this would mean a cost fluctuation of the window of up to 5%.
  • window frames: It is the most important weight in the price – up to 80% – because there is a wide variety of frame types such as wood, PVC or aluminum etc.
  • window glass: This is the second factor that influences the price the most – up to 15% of it. We currently have double glazing which not only helps you with thermal insulation but also with acoustics.
  • Professional manufacturing.
  • Number of windows to change.
  • Here is an example of Budget created by our calculator for replacing 5 windows in a house:

    Replacement prices for aluminum or PVC windows

    Aluminum windows are the oldest while most are used in householdsand although they are very temperature resistant, you must remember that this material is not insulating.

    It is a good quality material because it offers the possibility of mechanization and a wide variety of colors. In addition to its great resilience It is a material that does not rust and can be easily mounted outdoors. On the other hand, in terms of its aesthetics, Its smooth, natural profiles are ideal for homes, because you can apply the color you like the most. That Average price per m2 for this type of joinery he was found between €100 and €200, in addition to installation costs.

    As for PVC windows are a more insulating material than aluminum. Their characteristics are very similar, albeit more aesthetic. The average price is between 100 and 250 euros per m2.

    Prices for replacing wooden windows

    it is Type of material is a natural insulator, but requires more thorough maintenance. Change them first Repair and painting of the carpentry is necessary that we have in our house, then we have to remove the frame and repair the damaged wooden windows so that we can put in the new ones.

    The price of a piece of this type of joinery ranges from €150 to €300. Depending on whether we only need to modify the existing window frames or whether we want to do the installation from scratch.

    Labor costs for window replacement

    The work prices vary depending on the specialist. Usually They vary between 50 and 300 euros per windowand of course, they depend on the size of the window and the geographical location of the house.

    In addition, when replacing windows, you will surely need to repaint their windows, so you are probably also interested in the cost of this last task.

    When should I replace the windows?

    If you decide to replace windows, you need to consider several factors:

  • Moisture condensation on the glass.
  • Difficult to open.
  • Frame in bad condition.
  • water comes out.
  • traffic noise Enter your home even with the windows closed.
  • Possible increase in heating costshow they let the cold pass.
  • The importance of window replacement

    As we have already told you, our windows can wear out over time. We leave you a list of the main advantages of window replacement:

    • Better insulation, not only thermal but also acoustic.
    • Improving Energy Efficiency: By improving insulation, we reduce the energy consumption of our home.
    • As for the before We will reduce the costs on our accountssave more money.

    What permissions do you need to modify windows?

    To replace windows Your home without a job does not require a permitof course, if the elements do not change the appearance of the buildings, ie The new windows are the same as the old ones.

    The windows are common elements, so we advise you to talk about them with the neighborhood community to avoid problems. even if you always can Contact a professional for the installation because they usually know all these permissions.

    Do you see that invest in window replacement can be life saving for your economy in the long term and so for your home.