Why do folding awnings have to be installed?

The beginning of summer is one of the main reasons for installing folding awnings in the house. Because they are an effective solution for creating shade and making better use of open spaces such as patios or balconies.

When placed on windows and doors, they prevent the interior of the house from overheating and, if carefully selected, can add a lot of style to the house.

Where are folding awnings used?

There are several techniques for making a retractable awning structure. Each of them offers different aesthetics and functionality. However, generally these systems are chosen to cover the patios, gardens and windows that you want to cover at certain times of the day.

Some types of folding awnings are used for special occasions. They are called pavilions and offer protection from sun, rain and wind outdoors. This type of structure is commonly used when organizing a professional or personal event such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary.

Advantages of installing folding awnings in the house


Folding awnings offer good protection from the sun and help to reduce the feeling of warmth. It is therefore an ideal thermal element to enjoy lunch on the terrace or balcony during the peak hours of the sun.

Enlargement of the environment

Being outside is one of the perks of summer, but you can’t take full advantage of a patio or deck if you aren’t protected from the sun. The presence of the awning extends the living space outwards.

rain protection

With awnings in the open area of ​​the house, we are not only protected from the sun, but also from the rain that can surprise us in summer. Thanks to its waterproof material, we can continue to enjoy this extra space that it offers us from the outside.


Folding awnings are not only functional, they also contribute significantly to the aesthetics of the house. Because they are available in different aluminum fence systems and canopies with different textures and colors. If you choose the right awning carefully, it can add the finishing touch to the style of your home.

It is commonly used as a decorative addition that can highlight any part of the house or general covering.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to seek advice Awning expert.

Features of folding awnings

To make the awning fabric waterproof, it consists of several layers of high-quality material, which also makes it durable. There are usually Nylon layer for resistance and plastic layer for sealing.

The structure is made lighter with aluminum. The folding or folding system must be easy to use.

Types of blinds

Folding awnings can be classified according to their function.


This type of awning is chosen when you want to give a different look to an outdoor area or special event. Your designs have symmetry and colors that allow you to choose a style.


It is often necessary to install a folding awning to protect the windows from direct sunlight. These systems are also selected in open spaces near swimming pools or barbecue areas. Great opportunity to expand these leisure sectors.

Protection from rain and wind

Sometimes it’s just a matter of protecting part of the house from rain or wind. These systems usually have sides so that water does not enter the interior from the side.

Form and mechanism

We have a large selection of folding blind models. Then we will show you the largest groups.


Usually, when you want to decorate an outdoor setting, choose this type of folding awning. Due to the great pitch of the roof, this system protects against rain.


It is the most popular form of awning. This type of system has two disadvantages. Lighten the waterfall when it rains.


This shape is ideal for protecting driveways or creating secure garages against rain and sunlight.

Sure or semi-sure

Generally this system is chosen as an option to add sides and better protect the inside of the canopy. Its colorful shape makes the interior space wider so that lights can be installed.

Retractable system

Although we are already thinking of a certain type of awning, folding awnings differ in their retractable system in the following types of awnings:

Invisible awning for hands

This system has steel springs and chains that are hidden in the arm. Used with awnings made from acrylic, vinyl or micro-perforated fabric.

Attractive side arms

This type of awning has an aluminum structure with a spout. There is also a motor that accelerates the opening of the blinds.

Rolled vertical awning

In this system there is an awning curtain that drops to the floor and is secured with a python or carabiners. The winding is done manually with a crank.

Roman awning

This system is characterized by the presence of a flat canopy, on the structure of which rings are attached to slide it. It is generally used for sun protection.

Guess what Reference price different types of awnings and their installation.

How to maintain folding awnings

Frequent maintenance is required to keep the canopy in good condition. The main thing is to clean the fabric or canopy. Soapy water and a brush are used for this purpose. It should then be rinsed and left to dry in the sun before folding.

To keep the structure in good shape, you may need to paint it frequently. Better to use spray paint for this.

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