Why choose shutters?


If shutters are gaining growth over traditional shutters, it is certainly due to their many benefits. Installing this structure allows you to combine comfort, safety and better sun, heat and sound protection. Both practical, durable and economical, this type of hatch is suitable for both building and renovating a new house. In the latter case, the roller can elegantly and effectively replace the classic model.

Call a qualified craftsman to install the roller shutters

Installing blinds guarantees you optimal comfort in your home. This structure perfectly meets your needs for freshness, warmth, privacy or darkness. It actually allows the room to be covered. With the latest generation models, it is even possible to protect against insects with roller blinds equipped with a collapsible mosquito net.

For the best comfort choose motorized products whose closing and opening can be controlled remotely by radio waves. An option which, of course, is not feasible in a rotary shutter. Roller blinds are also an undisputed security ally. Integrated locking devices increase home security. Unlike the swing model, some models have an anti-theft lock that can delay entry.

So don’t hesitate to do Invite an expert with proven know-how to replace a traditional shutter with this type of innovative shutter and benefit from a quality installation. For more information, click here to find a recognized professional. Specialists such as Artisan Stores, 107 Avenue Simon Bolivar, 75019 Paris, are also available to repair and install roller shutters.

Do you have a remote control problem or malfunction in your roller motor system? Does the squeaking sound of the blade bother you? Or is one of your structures slatted broken? Contact a specialized craftsman who is quickly missing from your home to restore your comfort and safety as quickly as possible.

the benefits of roller blinds

Roller blinds: better thermal and sound insulation available

Is your current shutter missing thermal or sound insulation? Thermal and acoustic performance of roller blinds Make it the best option to protect you from outside noise, intense summer heat and severe winter cold. It is enough to close these structures so that external noise does not block it. This is also true if you want to warm or refresh your interior.

In the first case, all you have to do is order the closure to retain heat. Breathe fresh air into your room by opening it. Significant reduction in energy consumption related to heating and air conditioning indeed required.

Roller blinds: more aesthetic and cheaper construction than traditional shutters

Shutters bring modernity and elegance to your home. The luster of aluminum or the aesthetics of PVC will certainly enhance the decorative look of your home at an affordable price. A wide range of colors, designs and materials are available. To create a natural and sophisticated style, a wooden roller blind has been made for you.

If you like something shiny and colorful, aluminum seems to be the best option. Combine elegance with the best price, bet on PVC. In any case, the design of this structure gives your home more modernity than a classic shutter. Some manufacturers offer customized designs to satisfy you.