Where to study interior design and decoration?

if you search where to study interior design or interior decoration, this element will be very useful to you. Because here we show you the possibilities of universities that exist in Argentina, Peru and other Latin American countries.

Some of these universities are face to face while others give you the opportunity to do so Study interior design online. The great thing about this career is that it provides the tools to express your creativity and good taste by creating a space with personality in a home, institution or business.

What is a Career in Interior Design?

Interior design includes not only the decoration of a space but something more complex like the overall design of a house, shop or public facility according to its functionality.

It is important to know where to study interior design acquire all the necessary knowledge. Because in order to fulfill the tasks of the interior designer, several elements must be taken into account. Among them is Use of space, combination of shapes, colors and of course the personal impression What does this place need?

What are the responsibilities of an interior designer?

As an interior designer, it’s up to you to transform an area into the space it is aesthetic, functional and comfortable for the people who will live or work there.

To achieve this goal, you need to consider the combination of colors, textures, furniture, appliances, lighting and other elements. Not to mention capturing the imprint of your professional personality that you will leave behind through this career.

Study interior design for free or the payment provides you with the basis to contribute relevant information to interior planning or new construction.

To achieve better environmental functionality and exterior aesthetics, you may need to work with an interior designer. The following link will take you to a professional.

What Are the Interior Design Job Opportunities?

This job offers the opportunity to work independently, which is the current big trend. Although it can also be found a place in a design or architecture studio. The possibilities range from a museum or a cultural institution, an exhibition or a landscape.

Some special events like the introduction of new or similar products You need an interior designer. Here are some of the vacancies for this profession. See the article below for information on how to do this How to find an interior designer.

What is the difference between interior design and interior decoration?

Interior design and interior decoration are different professions with different themes, but they complement each other. Interior designers should be trained in architectural concepts which help, for example, to understand the internal structure of a building.

These concepts allow you to manage the space to optimize it in various aspects. In addition, the interior designer must have psychological knowledge. Give the room the comfort and functionality that the customer needs.

If a change needs to be made to the structure of the space, such as the lighting, the interior designer can assess the feasibility of that change.

You can see it here reference price for working hours.

As for Combination of colors and textures, you can do it too, but it’s not your priority. It is the interior designers who are responsible for choosing the decorative elements of the environment.

interior architect

The work of The interior designer starts after the internal structure of the building is already defined. This is the biggest difference between these two breeds.

Creativity plays a different role in an interior designer. Who should be responsible for creating aesthetic value with the choice of shapes, colors and textures?

In summary, we can say that an interior designer must have knowledge of architecture to manage spaces. While an interior designer adds aesthetic value to this space with creativity and innovation.

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Where should I study interior design?

Bachelor in Interior Design

In Argentina, you have many options to study a Bachelor in Interior Design, some of them can be Study interior design for freeothers are private and in some you can study interior design.

The Bachelor in Interior Design lasts 4 years. In CABA you can choose Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Universidad de Belgrano, Universidad de Palermo.

Where to study interior design for free in Buenos Aires? There are several universities in Buenos Aires that offer this degree, some of them are: Universidad del Este, Universidad de Morón.

There are other universities in different provinces of Argentina. Where to Study Interior Design in Cordoba? Córdoba is one of the provinces where you can study 4 years of Design with a specialization in Interior Design at the Provincial University of Córdoba.

Salta also offers a place to study this profession, the Catholic University of Salta. Entre Ríos also offers an option, the University of Concepcion del Uruguay, and Mendoza is home to the University of Mendoza. In which you can study a bachelor’s degree in interior design that takes 3 years.

Another Argentine university is located in Rio Negro. The University of Rio Negro offers a 4-year degree in Interior and Furniture Design. Tucuman has a National University of Tucuman that teaches interior design and planning for three years.

Senior technician in the design of green spaces and interiors

This course lasts 3 years and is taught at Integral (Higher Institute of Design) which is located in CABA. At the same institute you can choose Interior Design for 3 years and articulate your career at the University of the Argentine Social Museum. (UMSA), which offers a 2-year bachelor’s degree.

Where to Study Interior Design in Lima, Peru? In Peru you have the opportunity to study 3 years of interior design and 4 years of interior design at the Institut Toulouse Lautrec. It is one of the universities that offer the opportunity to study interior design in Lima.