Where should comprehensive reform begin?

We have already talked about other opportunities Everything you need to know before embarking on major reform YY when to perform these tasks. But when you look at all of these and resolve them, now is the time to act: initiate major reform. Or? That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article.


Where should comprehensive reform begin? Photo: Marcos Abad Porselt

  • Inner
  • External
  • Painting and other items
  • Furniture
  • decor
  • Obviously these works Phases and order This has to be clear in order to avoid problems throughout the reform process. Here are some interesting tips for I know where to start.


    Case reform: first phase

    If there is Integral reform What you will be doing at home is replacing the electrical wiring and pipes. You have to start with them first. This type of job involves lifting floors, walls, and ceilings, which is why they should be the first things professionals start working on.

    In the event that the reform is carried out in a house with more than 20-30 years Antiques, it is highly recommended that you replace both electrical and plumbing. You will avoid problems in the future, both short circuits and burst pipes that force you to lift the floor or tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

    It is very important invest in an electrical installation every so often to be in perfect condition. As we said earlier, an old man can make a fire in the house. But there are other reasons to renew it. Most likely it was installed over two or three decades ago. At that time the power consumption was much lower. Only basic devices are used. With the advancement of technology, we not only have more, but also live with a lot more devices: cell phones, computers, tablets … that require better installation and power supply. Not to mention the need for more light and electrical points in every room in the house.

    Another is that the renovation of the facilities is a more savings in the electricity bill, because new technologies make it possible to reduce consumption. In addition, if you plan to sell it in the future, the price will be overestimated as it provides more security and convenience to potential buyers.


    Second phase: fences, floors …

    After that, and after completing the previous stage, you need to pay attention to the external parts. By that we mean any changes in the distribution of Enclosures for terraces (if you plan to do them) suspended ceilings, Cladding, floors …

    In this case, if your comprehensive reform involves precisely replacing floors and tiles, then you need to start with the bathroom and kitchen, the rooms that can be more complex because of all the facilities they contain.

    Painting and other items

    Third phase: painting, installing doors …

    There is little time to complete at this stage of the reform. Now all that remains is to archive things. For example, the walls are painted if you want Paint them as if you chose the wallpaper. If you choose the first option, you will split this process several times. For example, select the bedrooms first so that you can sleep in other rooms for at least the first night.

    If you also change doors with this reform, Try to install them before painting to avoid contamination of the walls during this process. It is always best to cover the doors while the walls are painted, as it will be easier to clean them later in the event they get stained. If the order is reversed (first painting the walls and then installing the doors), chafing can occur which damages the paint.


    Fourth phase: the furniture. Photo: PIANO STUDIO PIANO

    When you have completed all of the previous phases, all you have to do is start with the furniture. Of course, you should already have it selected. Once the repair specialists are gone, the plumbers should come and install the furniture and whatever you have chosen for your home.


    Fifth phase: decoration. Photo: ap30reformas

    The last thing you need to install is little details like Curtains, lamps, carpets and anything that does not require installation with the possibility of painting, especially on the walls.

    All of this is very helpful in knowing which specialists need to be involved in the process of reform. The most important thing is that you know who to talk to from the start. Whether or not the reform is extensive also depends heavily on the organization you have with the various professionals. Know which specialists to call Anytime for reform will help you cut the time.

    Are you going to reform these features in your home? Ask for a non-binding budget from professionals in your area that will help and give you a price for the major reform you want to achieve.


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