Where is the best place to place a radiator?

Radiators are the most common option for heating our home, but sometimes we don’t give them the importance they deserve. The position of the cooler greatly affects its operation. If we put it there, we can heat the house faster and without so much heating bills.

One of the best options is to install a cooler under the window. In these cases, the cooler heats the air around it and, as it rises, heats the cold air entering through the window. This temperature difference in the air facilitates the distribution of hot air for the whole stay. If you cannot place the radiators under the windows, it is recommended that you place them as close to them as possible.

Another good option is to insert the cooler Interior walls. In this way it is possible to heat the inner partitions and they give off heat at night. However, this way, temperature imbalances are more common, which creates a delicate situation.

Therefore, it is best to place radiators under the windows. In this way, we warm the air more evenly throughout the room and avoid temperature imbalances.

However, the location of radiators is not the only factor that determines their performance. Radiator cover is not recommended with radiator covers, curtains or other accessories. Covering the radiators prevents the exchange of air in them and thus reduces their efficiency. As well as Painting the radiator is not recommendedbecause the paint acts as an insulator and does not allow any heat to escape from the cooler. In addition, the paint can heat up an unpleasant odor.

Not painting, covering or placing radiators under windows is therefore the best option for efficient heating consumption. Along with their regular maintenance, check the accuracy of all radiator parts in our house. This way we can save on your account and help the environment.