When is the best time for comprehensive reform?

This question can be interpreted in two ways. First, what time of year to reform in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible for the tenants of the house if they already live there. And secondly, when he needs to be reformed certain areas of the house. Since both seem equally important to us, let’s see what is more interesting about both. When you are here, think about reform. Do you already know how much it will cost you?


Comprehensive reform: when should I start?

At what season of the year should reform take place?

Sometimes this solution cannot be chosen. It depends on when the architect prepared the plans, when the professionals can start reforming, when you bought the materials … many factors that will not always be in your hands. It may also happen that they give you the house to reform in the fall and you start reform in the winter.

However, here are some assumptions to make when choosing a date.

  • Can you stay in another house If your guess suggests it Integral reform If you do this in a house you already live in, you will likely have to leave her at work. Although comprehensive reforms are taking place graduallyThe most practical is to go. So summer will be a good time. You can enjoy friends, siblings or relatives going on vacation to occupy your housefor a while without having to rent another home. If this is not possible, you will need to add an additional amount for an accidental stay to the final budget provided by the professionals.
  • Will the professional be on vacation? Before starting work, it is a good idea to speak to a professional about when reform is needed. When it coincides with your vacationthe job takes longer than expected. It is for this reason that it is interesting that you comment this small detail in front of the professional in order to take it into account.

Avoid the rain to seal

  • Will the rain hinder reform? If there is Integral reform What you will be doing includes some outdoor work. It is better to wait for the seasons when rain is less likely. Facade painting, roof reforming, solar tiles or waterproof terrace These are projects that require dry weather to be in perfect condition. If so, think about it before you start in fall or winter. Reform may take longer than it should.
  • Everything goes faster with light. We are talking about the times of the year when there are more hours of daylight. Getting ready at 5 p.m. every day is not the same as the pro may not have enough light for an additional hour, as will be the case from March and April. Work can go faster when workers have more daylight every day.

While it has nothing to do with the time of year, it is a factor to consider. Will there be children in the house or will there be children? If you are in the first case and the house is in need of reform, start before they arrive as reforms with young children make the job even more difficult. If you find yourself in the second situation, wait for them to grow. Your walls will surely appreciate a coat of paint when there are no more blank canvases for them.

When should certain reforms be carried out?

There will likely be aspects of the house that will never or rarely be reformed. For example, SolIf it is in perfect condition, it must not change. The same goes for the tiles. However, there are other things that are important for security to change. We are talking about the electrical installation. Claiming that 60 years ago is practically insane could be the cause of a fire or a short circuit. You shouldn’t miss this reform over 30 years,, ,,. Replacing the electrical installation is worthwhile but it is an investment in security.

Replace the electrical installation

installation is another point to consider. While you will likely replace the pipes if they break (this will happen in most cases), when replacing kitchen or bathroom furniture and tiles, you should also take advantage of and modify them. Eventually the pipes break and you won’t see if your kitchen is new or not. In this case, find out about the type of installation that you performed at home, and especially the material of the pipes. If it is galvanized steel or lead, don’t hesitate More than 10 years when changing.

Maintain an installation with over 20 years Not only increase the risk of flightBut the water can also take on an unhealthy shade of brown for daily hygiene and much less for cooking or drinking.

By the others minor reforms Just like painting a house, many factors have an impact: a common area of ​​the car, smokers in the house, artist children … this is where time cannot be determined, you have to follow your own criteria. And the same thing happens with the tiles, the floor, the windows …

If you need to reform, you can request a quote from professionals in your area with no obligation.