When and how to ventilate the house? The Reform Plan Blog

The recent health crisis has highlighted the need to renew the air in the rooms. While COVID-19 is just one more reason to air your home, many experts are talking about it the importance of ventilation at any time of the year. In this article we will show you how the benefits of air renewal in the room and how to ventilate the house Correct.


Benefits of air renewal in rooms

Discover the advantages of good home ventilation:

improve air quality

ventilate the rooms reduces the CO2 content. It’s not something we should give up because it’s bad for our health. According to experts, the CO2 content should not exceed 400-800 ppm.

To do this, it is important to reduce the consumption of gas appliances or switch our heating system to a less harmful system that will help us keep the levels low.

the humidity is regulated

Ideally, the humidity is between 35% and 50%, as they can be harmful to health to a greater or lesser extent. In winter, it generally drops below 35%, causing skin discomfort, phlegm, breathing difficulties, etc. However, the main problem for the house occurs when the humidity is above 50%, as the rooms condense more, creating dampness and mold, which pose a health risk.

reduce dust

read Dust particles and unpleasant odors who are with us is reduced thanks to the drafts created when the house is ventilated. It will help you too Avoid breathing difficulties especially if you have allergies, or eye irritation.

Benefits of the solar effect

Another unnoticed benefit of air renewal is the fall of the sun’s rays directly on the house, good otherwise They heat our houseHe is a powerful disinfectant.

When does the house have to be ventilated?

There’s no good time to air the house, everything It depends on the type of climate, how the house is used and the time of year. Where are they:

In winter it is important to use the hours when the sun shines stronger at home, i.e. around noon when it is hottest. On the contrary, in Summer is the ideal time at night, because it will help us not only to ventilate the house, but also to cool it.

While getting up M between 10 and 20 minutes before bedtime are other opportunities as we will be able to oppression so many CO2 accumulation generated while we sleep too receive an oxygen supply that promotes sleep.

Another ideal time is after cooking, because by ventilating the kitchen we can eliminate the particles produced during the preparation of food.

Comment purifier l’air ?

Opening the window is the most common gesture Renew the air of the house, but it’s not only that, for a adequate ventilation, we should try to get one cross ventilation. In this way we circulate the air and achieve effective hygiene.

Ventilate the house without opening the windows?

You can’t always with windows open for hours every day, Especially in winter. We love this time of year Keep the heat in the house and be as comfortable as possible possible. But...how can we get it?

ALDES is the new Integrate solutions into our manufacturer catalogue. The systems they offer will help us in this You have clean and purified air without the need to open the windows:

  • MERV filter ventilation systems: This system is generally accompanied by a number that does not Note on the filter performance. However, this significantly increases power consumption.
    • MERV6: They can only filter dust and pollen.
    • MERV13: can filter out bacteria and viruses.
  • HEPA filter system: This is possible with this highly efficient system up to 99.97% removal of all particles in the air.
  • Simple Aeration Flux : Simple Aeration Flux It is a simple and economical system for renewing the indoor air in residential buildings. and tertiary use. It works by extracting stagnant air from damp rooms and introducing fresh outside air into dry rooms through the front vents.
  • Ventilation double flow : la ventilation Dual flow and air cleaners filter pollutants and fine dust from the air Brought in from the outside, they extract used air and renew the air in the room for the benefit of the residents’ health. Thanks to a heat recovery unit, part of the energy from the extract air is transferred to the supply air. Incoming air is heated in winter and cooled in summer, reducing energy consumption for heating and air conditioning.
  • Aerothermia: This is the system uses the energy in the air to heat or cool it Indoor spaces, water heating and maximum energy savings.

As you can see, there are different types of solutions that will help you purify the air without having the windows open all the time.