What’s new in wallcovering

The wall covering allows us to give the environment a completely new look without penetrating the structure. Painting is one of the cheapest ways to transform the look of any corner of the home, but there are other alternatives that offer texture, color, and an even greater connection to nature.

The best you can find Materials that adapt to your requirements and your economy. And if you’re wondering how long you’ll have to wait to see the result, don’t worry, some wall tile systems don’t take time to stick or dry.

The technology applied to the wall covering allows to obtain personalized styles with less cost, labor and time. There are many alternatives and some can even be combined to create really fresh and pleasant places to stay.

decorative wall covering

The final finish of the wall can be that elegant, rustic or modern touch that an environment needs to complete the style. For this we do not need to make large investments, since we can apply solutions such as resin and fiberglass, PVC or phenolic panels.

Which have great advantages such as low cost, easy application and a variety of colors and textures. Next, we’ll see the pros and cons of each to better determine which one is best for your home.

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PVC panels

Wall coverings that are trending due to their merits are PVC panels. The main advantages include the following:

moisture resistant

Because they are non-absorbent, they are ideal for humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. But also for bedrooms or study environments for children or teenagers who want to quickly change their style without making big investments.

simple request

The main advantage of this material, in addition to its price, is that it is easy to install without any construction work. It can even be applied over another coating such as ceramic and silicone is used for this.

Easy to clean

This property makes it an ideal wallcovering for environments that need to be always clean and disinfected, such as: B. the kitchen or bathroom and other places in the house where children or pets are.

Suitable for permanent lining

It is a permanent wall covering, so it can be applied with the aim of making it permanent.

Wide range of colors and textures

You will find a wide range of colors and textures on the market, so we are sure that you will find the right model that suits the overall style of your home.

phenolic panels

Another novelty in wall covering are the decorative phenolic panels. What differs from PVC in its resistance to moisture, abrasion and even impact. Because of this, it can be used on the interior and exterior walls of the house.

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The main advantages include the following:

without support

This material is maintenance-free, very easy to clean, even to remove paint, which is why it is considered an anti-graffiti coating.

High resistance

It has properties that give it great mechanical strength, allowing it to bend and resist impacts. It is also resistant to acid rain and sunlight when applied to facades, doors or gates.

Another important property is that it is moisture resistant, so it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and even marine environments.


This material does not corrode, so it is ideal for outdoor work. It is also insensitive to frost and sun.

easy to install

Phenolic panels are very easy to apply, requiring no labor. Therefore, the installation and usage time is minimal.

Large selection of models

These panels are available in a wide variety of colors and textures that allow them to adapt to any style of facade or interior of the house.

Because of its composition

It contains no halogens such as chlorine, bromine, fluorine, sulfur or asbestos. You can work safely with this material as it does not produce any harmful fumes or dust.

It is a material that acts as an electrical insulator and is flame retardant as it will not leak, melt or produce smoke. It is considered a physiologically harmless and environmentally friendly material.

fiberglass and resin panels

Resin and fiberglass panels are some of the excellent options for decorative wall coverings. The great advantage of this material is that it faithfully mimics other materials such as wood, natural stone, brick and concrete.

With the great advantage of being cheaper and easier to install, among other advantages that we will tell you about below.

perfect imitation

If we want to apply natural stone, wood or brick to a wall or part of it, we must know that the price is high and it takes time to apply and dry because of the installation work involved.

The fiberglass and resin panels are easy to install and their design perfectly mimics real materials thanks to the precision of digital printing.


Due to its composition, this material acts as an insulator against temperature, sound and humidity. It can also be used outdoors as it is not affected by the sun or high temperatures.


They adapt perfectly to any structure and are light, which facilitates their application on structures that cannot support great weight.

a raincoat

This quality makes it an ideal throw for any room in the home, including the bathroom and kitchen.


It is a material with high durability and resistance to temperature changes as it does not shrink or expand. Just as they do not suffer from erosion.

These panels are used as wall cladding in places where a renewed and modern look is desired. But at the same time it has to be strong, durable and excellent value for money.