What you need to know about the price of an industrial building today

Colloquially, an industrial building refers to a structure of rather imposing size in which we manufacture or even handle products on a large scale. When a business starts to grow, this type of building is definitely essential to be able to increase its production rates and keep up with demand. In this article we only clarify a few points about the price of an industrial building.

A price that varies according to very different parameters

The first lesson we can take from this is that knowing the average price of an industrial building in France (which is around €350-€450 per m² if you really want to know) doesn’t really help much. Why ? Well, because it depends on many parameters, some of which are specific to the field of activity you are in. Here are some loose parameters to give you an idea.

  • The location of the plot: When building a house, this is probably the most important parameter. If industrial buildings are very rare to find in the city center, it is precisely for this reason: plots of land are much cheaper on the outskirts!
  • The equipment to be installed and the type of use. Because if it’s just a matter of storing goods (handling), you don’t need any plumbing work, for example.
  • The materials used (wood, metal structures, etc.).
  • etc.

Financial aid that can unlock certain projects

Since a lot of space is usually required for an industrial building, the costs are very high. Fortunately, the state provides various grants, starting with commercial real estate investment grants, which get involved in everything related to the construction of the building. This includes the price of the property. Alternatively, we can cite the regional development bonus for industry, which aims to make it easier for companies to locate in priority areas. Do not hesitate to ask !