What parts does a cistern consist of?

In today’s post we will see what are the parts that make up the cistern, to carry out the correct inspection and maintenance to avoid damage in operation, since we will be able to identify the source of possible malfunctions.

1. Water supply line

This is the part that connects the filling mechanism to the water supply and is also where the toilet shut-off valve is located. For this reason, this shut-off valve must be closed in the event of a fault.
It should be borne in mind that if the pipe thread is not adjusted, water will leak from the toilet. If this happens to you, you know what to check first.

2. Filling system

Thanks to this mechanism, a sufficient amount of water enters the tank of the cistern. It charges continuously so it’s always ready to go.
This mechanism is the element that breaks the most, it is located on the bottom or on the side of the tank (depending on the model).

3. Swimming buoy or tank

Its function is to precisely regulate the amount of water that accumulates in the tank to the amount to be used.
If it breaks, water may leak from the lid. Regular inspection is recommended.

4. Discharge system

Its function is to leave space for water to escape so that the tank empties. You can also choose the number of downloads at any time.

5. Tank handle, button or chain

This is the activation mechanism of the download system. It is a convenient device for draining water.

6. Fuel cap

The cover not only makes it more aesthetic, but also helps to protect the entire cistern system from external objects that can fall in and damage its elements. It should fit well.