What kind of hydraulic buffers can your customers choose best?

the traditional hydraulic tiles present some disadvantage such as wear and tear from the passage of time and stains (due to the porous material they are made of), their high cost as they are made by hand. This has already been solved thanks to technological advances that make production possible Imitation of hydraulic plates Nails unsurpassed endurance properties, with multiple designs, shades, or any format at a very affordable price.

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on traditional or modernist design, geometric, color, there are currently countless original hydraulic tile design create perfect environment for every type of customer because this product is ideal for use in Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or for another stay.

Technical characteristics of imitation hydraulic plates

Its production may be in red body, white body: The first two are designed for the interior.

Or they can be porcelain: hydraulic imitation porcelain stonewares, are ideal for indoor and outdoor use as they have the following properties:

  • High wear resistanceThey are therefore ideal for business or high-traffic areas.
  • Easy to clean because they do not absorb water and therefore stains cannot penetrate the interior of the tile more easily and they are easy to clean.
  • son suitable for outdoor use as they cannot break through frost by not absorbing water.
  • exist special outer padding with non-slip properties so that they can be set up in transit areas where rainwater falls.

Common decorative uses of hydraulic tiles

Thanks to the large number of models, they can be used Create carpets for the middle of the room

decorate the front of your kitchen, Your bathroom both on the floor and on the wall or in other areas of your company, in the passageway or in front of the cash register.

General hydraulic tile imitation formats

The formats range from very small to 10 × 10who passed 15 × 15, The classic 20 × 20 and download 60 × 60 or larger formats in certain specific models to adapt to small and large areas.

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