What is the real budget for the kitchen reform?

Over the years it has become common practice for many homes to renovate part of the home. The passage of time, equipment failures or market changes require a partial housing reform something to be the most common. One of the most sought after areas for renovation is the kitchen.

Be a complete renovation or partial reformIn this case, one of the main questions is how much it will cost. These are projects that require investment and stakeholders need to know what budget they will need in advance. Because of this, we will try to make a real budget for reforming the kitchen.


Something to keep in mind when talking about a Budget for the kitchen reform is that not all kitchens are created equal and not all budgets are available. Therefore we focus on a medium sized kitchen renovation, without unnecessarily large ornaments, but with total repairs. The aim is to enjoy a renovated kitchen that guarantees the best performance while in use.

Open or closed kitchen

One of the first things to consider when preparing a budget for a kitchen remodel is what it will be like. We mean if we want one open kitchen or closed. This is important because if we have an independent kitchen and we want to open it up, the demolition work adds to the budget.

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If we choose one or the other, we can also establish ourselves Kitchen layout. In this case, the more there are, the bigger the budget. For example, an open plan kitchen with a linear layout is generally cheaper than a kitchen. distributed as U.. In this case, the countertop area, the size of the kitchen cabinet, the storage capacity, etc. will all have an impact on budgeting.


New devices

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, many homeowners trust the responsible repair company. In other words, once the repairs are done, the kitchen is ready to use. In this case they also need Consider electrical appliances. Currently the basic equipment of the kitchen consists of Refrigerator, oven, microwave and the baking sheet can also be added.

Although the cost of the equipment themselves should be considered, kitchen furniture should also be. For example, if you want integrated or independent devices. Another aspect to consider when creating an actual budget for kitchen reform is the materials used. In this case, we have different options in terms of countertops, kitchen cabinet material, dashboard upholstery, new floors and more.

Kitchen reform budget

It’s easy to define the points to consider when creating a real kitchen reform budget. However, as mentioned earlier, there are several factors that can cause it to tip both down and up. By examining the current market, we can find an average price for a functional and modern kitchen renovation. The budget for a comprehensive reform of an independent kitchen is found between 3,000 and 8,000 euros. While the reform, which included tearing down the walls to open them, could reach 10,000 euros.

Carrying out any type of housing reform is an important decision. It is best to research respected professionals in your area and contact them directly. In addition, many companies offer a free, no-obligation initial service so that you can compare different offers before making a final decision.