What is the difference between moving and charging?

Often we are not sure What do the terms moving and freight mean? and we use it as if it were synonyms. In fact, there is a huge difference between the two.

Here you can find out what these services include and what their price depends on.


Loading is called the transportation of goods from one point to another. The staff of this service do not require any special training. Because it is not their duty to tow or collect the goods from the vehicle.

Although the freight forwarder or the manager of the freight service may offer the service of loading and unloading items or goods.


On the other hand, it’s a much broader service when it comes to moving. From Includes the loading of goods, transportation and unloading of goods at the destination. Personnel responsible for loading and unloading goods. You are insured and may offer an additional service of packing the goods and unpacking the destination.

Freight and Movement

Since the responsibility for maintaining the materials during transportation is much less, the price is usually much cheaper than the distance. To make the difference between a load and a movement a little clearer, it can be said that a load can carry different materials that do not require special care, such as: B. wood, iron, fruit.

While Removals transport furniture and other more sensitive items. More care is taken with this type of transportation and we make sure they arrive in good condition. Therefore, its price is higher than freight.

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Services offered by freight and transportation

The service that all loads must provide is material handling, but many companies may offer other services as well. Including loading and unloading of products. While the need to move materials from one point to another can create a stressful situation, the greater the movement.

Anxiety and stress increase when we have to move from house to house. Fortunately, there are companies that offer different types of services that can help us. One of them is packing and unpacking furniture and household items.

What should we consider before renting goods and means of transport?

Before we hire a freight and moving service, we need to know the services that we need. For example we can Take the time and effort to load materials or furniture to the place of origin and move to the destination to reload furniture or other materials.

In the event that it is a move, one has to think that this must be the case Unpack and insert each item. If time or physical availability does not permit, we can use the services of a moving company.

What’s the full course?

Complete moving is a service offered by some moving and freight companies. It’s about forgetting the stress of packing and unpacking the whole house. These companies are responsible for packaging all items and furniture. Whoever is in a house or apartment brings them to the right place and returns Unpack all furniture, clothing, decorations and other items and place them in their new location.

The removal of electrical devices, the air conditioning, the dismantling and protection of corrugated cardboard furniture and the packaging of all items are carried out the day before the move.

On the day of the move, only the loading, transporting and unloading of materials is carried out. The next day, unpacking, assembling the furniture, installing electrical appliances and everything necessary to keep all items as at the previous address.

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What do the costs for moving and freight depend on?

Determine several factors Price for moving or freight. To start with, some companies charge per hour and others charge for a full service. The price mainly depends on three factors: the amount in m2 that the goods take up, the kilometers to be moved and the services that you want to rent.

As for the number of square meters, what can be included in one is used as a reference medium truck. To get an overview, an average truck fits into the furniture of a 3-room house.

But every house is a world and you may need more transportation, so the price will be higher. If you need a lower capacity means of transport like van, the price is lower.

The main variable in the cost of moving and freight is the services available. For example, some companies offer the rental of packaging baskets and boxes, and operators provide support with loading and unloading furniture. If the furniture needs to be lowered by outside stairs or ropes, the price may increase.

Even the day you decide to move can have an impact on how quickly the moving company and freight company charge us fees. Because weekdays have a lower price than weekends or public holidays.

Another detail to keep in mind is that Some buildings or residential areas have specific rules about the times and days that traffic will allow. It is usually allowed on weekends and in the morning.

What should not be done without is transport insurance and protection of the moved material. In addition, all personnel who work that day must be insured for personal accidents. It’s a legal obligation.

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