What is a gas regulator?

Sometimes when we are faced with our heating or gas installation, for example to buy a product that needs to be replaced, we do not know exactly what each of its elements corresponds to or what it is used for. For this reason, in our plumber blog we try to clarify many products that you can find at Dukt, the best online store for plumbing equipment. Today we explain it to you what is a gas regulator.

What is

In cold weather, many people choose to heat their rooms with gas. It has a few extras that regulate security fuel and allow us to use it in a controlled manner. One of the most important elements of this type of installation is the gas regulator.

A gas regulator is an instrument that connects a conductive tube to a gas source, which can be a cylinder. with Gas flow is controlled and pressure maintained evenly. And the fact is that the initial pressure of the gas at its source is very high, which is why this device is necessary.

why is it

The main function of this device is to regulate the gas pressure so that it is constant and stable. And the gas outlet pressure, as already mentioned, is very high for our heating system.

This reduces the pressure coming from the cylinders, tank or gas supply so that it is assimilated with appliances such as heatersovens etc.

Installation is completely easy as you don’t need any special tools to make it work. They work in a single piece that has an inlet and outlet for the gas, which must be completely sealed so there is no risk of leakage.

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