What is a frameless system?

the Borderless system is a system integrated into the toilets that he creates Optimize washing including increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, Rimless System stands for hygiene. But how does it work? Put simply, water penetrates the toilet bowl with force and symmetry and cleans the entire inner surface in the process.

The dynamics of the water as it moves can produce great cleaning results in laundry and most importantly without spray. This will keep the outside of the cup clean. All of its optimization is in the new gas-discharge engine.

Frameless technology is not just an advancement in hygiene, it is Environmental savings Y. economically. It reduces costs and water consumption thanks to an external connection via a drain pipe with a reduced diameter and smaller dimensions than usual.

This is hands down the best option for maintaining toilet hygiene. The steady waterway reaches all corners and crevices where dirt can collect. The water circulates upwards and thus ensures a homogeneous rinsing and intense from the glass. This prevents germs and bacteria from occurring.

As you can see, a toilet with this system is one of the best things you can do in your bathroom. Hygiene and savings combined in your toilets. You certainly didn’t know the benefits of the toilet Borderless system!!

In the following lines we give you recommendations for toilets with rimless system from our selection. We discover different models so that you can find a toilet that perfectly matches the style and aesthetics of your bathroom. Don’t stop reading!

Système Rimless and The Bath

These are some of the our toilets which include a frameless system. Find the ideal for you!

Odorless Lucca

This toilet is one of Fossil Nature’s most sought-after pieces, and there is no shortage of arguments. His classic finish and in white they fit perfectly in every bathroom, whether traditional or modern. It is attached to the wall to save space and therefore has more freedom of movement in the bathroom. Make the most of the space!

Inodoro Verona black

Toilets for the bravest. This elegant piece is ideal for avant-garde and elegant bathrooms. Fossil Natura tries to differentiate this toilet through originality is style. With its matte black finish, you can undoubtedly set the trend.

Inodoro Cyclone Black

This toilet is ideal for a combination of originality, quality and price. The best advantages in the service of design and elegance. Great option if you’re looking to renovate a toilet. You can always improve!

Magical toilet

You can choose Pastel colors You want it to blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of your bathroom with its matte look. In addition, it is compatible with any lowered tank. It is in the exclusive collection of colorful collections of wall-hung toilets from Otium Xpress that want to give your bathroom a new and fresh atmosphere.

Zulum toilet

These toilets have a double outlet and are attached to the wall and the floor. It contains a water-saving mechanism which, together with the rimless system, completely optimizes water consumption. You have the option of using 3 or 6 gallons of water for flushing. In addition, the lid is made of heat-resistant resin and is extremely flat, which makes the toilet bigger. Accessibility Y. Comfort.

Now you know why Borderless system in the toilets. If you are considering renovating a bathroom, don’t hesitate to go with one of our recommendations. We at The Bath are happy to help and advise you on your bathroom renovation. Do not doubt it Contact us for all questions!