What is a deflector and what is it used for?

When we are confronted with our installation, whether to fix a malfunction or to buy a product that needs to be replaced, we are often not clear about what each of its elements is or what it is used for. Therefore in our plumbing blog We try to clarify the many products you will find at Dukt, the best online shop for sanitary accessories. Today we explain what a deflector is and what it is used for.

what is

The score is a a cylindrical piece of aluminum (or methylpropylene) that is placed on the back of the flue Boiler Sometimes referred to as a stopper. If we have a gas boiler in our heating system, one of these outlets is necessary to expel water vapor and residual gases from gas combustion.

why is it

panache deflectors are designed with multiple openings that can change the direction of air or gas flow. In this way they prevent the wind direction from pushing the smoke and gases back inside the house.

So you assure us a good discharge of gases to the outside and inadvertently prevent these emissions from entering our home. It also prevents other foreign substances from entering our home, from water to birds.


With Spanish regulations, the deflectors must stands on the roof of the buildingin existing buildings, however, also permitted on the facade or rear-ventilated terrace.