What does the renovation of the facade of a building cost?

As with other building elements, facades wear out over time and require refurbishment which allows them to extend their lifespan, thus avoiding problems that can arise from poor maintenance.
The facades are the element most exposed to bad weather
and it is therefore necessary to condition them well to avoid problems such as the separation of cornices or other elements of the public road, among other things.


When does the facade of a building have to be renovated?

For a long time, these improvement and / or renovation measures not only focused on aesthetic aspects, but also on the installation of Systems with thermal insulation which enable better energy efficiency as well as economic savings and less maintenance. Therefore, when renovating the facade of a building or a private house, it is necessary to consider the following main advantages:

  • Improve thermal insulation and acoustics to save energy consumption due to air conditioning problems.
  • Extend shelf life the facade and all the elements that make it up.
  • Appreciation the House.
  • Avoid additional fees obtained in the future due to poor maintenance.
  • Improve water resistanceIn other words, avoid the moisture that comes from the facade (cracks), which can have negative consequences inside the house, such as the appearance of moldy spots or the impact of wooden structures.

Permits for facade reform required reform

When we speak from a legal point of view, the law says it Preservation or repair work required per building. Despite its mandatory nature, it is important to remember that before performing the work with majority approval the resident of the parish in a vote held for that purpose in a meeting. The majority is estimated at around 3/5 of the total number of owners and ownership rates, although these parameters are set out in Community regulations.

What permits do I need once the building’s neighbors have given their consent to renovate the building’s facade? Since this is a permission for Main occupation, the project must be signed by an architect.
The first step is filing Implementation project contact the local council and fill that out Canditature, in addition to providing a Reason what we’re going to do with one budget to be signed by the executing company.

Facade renovation systems

After evaluating the needs of the building, the specialist will indicate the most recommended solution for the type of facade. There are currently several systems on the market, depending on the need and purpose of the renovation, among which the following distinctions can be made:

  • Aesthetic improvement systemsdesigned to give the building a new atmosphere.
  • Systems to improve waterproofing of the same.
  • Systems the A Improvement of waterproofing and thermal insulation.

Among the systems that incorporate the improvement of waterproofing and thermal insulation, one of the most complete and recently recommended due to the many advantages related to the improvement of thermal insulation is the system SATE (external thermal insulation system)
That is a system isolation based on the placement of insulation panels just outside the building. The resulting inner pipe serves as insulation for the house, protects it from meteorological phenomena and thus extends its service life.

How to calculate the cost of renovating the facade of a building?

There are many reasons for that Facade renovation, although undoubtedly one of the most important reasons, and which is becoming one of the main reasons, is improved thermal insulation. This will be of crucial importance for our final budget, because although it can usually be associated with higher costs, insulation systems on facades have a much longer lifespan than conventional systems and require little maintenance during this time.

Source: Miguel Noguera Architect

We use our facade calculator to calculate how much it costs to renovate a building with a width of 20 meters and 5 floors. We consider a height of 3 m per floor, so the facade will be approx. 15 m high: then the area to be renovated is 300 m2. When we apply SATE system on the facade of our building, with these measures, we would have an estimated budget of 13,076 EUR (up to TVA).

Calculator for the renovation of facade plans for reforms

Funding plans for the energetic renovation of buildings

Do you know they exist? Consultant who can reach up to 70% of the price the renovation of the facade of a building? VS PREE program from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings of Spain (IDAE), which is dedicated to the energetic renovation of buildings, you can get help for your community from homeowners.

In addition to providing you with reliable and instant information, the Reforma plan provides you with an adequate budget to suit the needs of each building fresh, You can Request budgets for the renovation of the facade of your building and contact the experts in your region so that they can inspect your facade and carry out an individual report tailored to your needs.