What does “Pay for Professional Certification” mean?

How are certificates paid?

The references for a job or reform are, as already mentioned, part of the originally agreed budget and this makes it easier for us to compare the certificates issued to us by the professional with our original budget to check that it is correct.

And how are they paid? by Partial or original certificates. This is a payment because the certification does the work « in part »; It is therefore customary for each budget item to be converted into a certificate. For example, if a house is under construction and the foundations are ready, it will certify that part of the work has already been completed. This means that X% of a job is completed within the budget every day.

the Benefit when you pay with this type of certificationis that you can set payments according to the execution and schedule of the construction or the reforms to be carried out, and this helps us to have better control of costs and payments at all times pay less up front, which reduces the possibility of fraud.

It’s important not to just check well a contract that we signed at the beginning of the work or the reforma (where all these aspects are usually described in detail, among other things), but also all the details of the budget that we previously approved, because, as we have commented, it is customary for each of the budgetary items, site certification, to take place ; In this way we can “certify” that the work done is exactly in line with the agreement.

We must keep in mind that any work may involve unforeseen events and budget changes; It could be negative deviations (larger amount) and that the price rises compared to the budget discussed with the specialist, either because agreed articles appear that were not included in the original budget, or because the amount of an article in the end exceeds the budget. But it can also happen a positive deviation (smallest amount) and the final price is cheaper than what we had estimated in the original budget.

Therefore, the submission of a document by a professional, which contains all the details of our work, avoids misunderstandings and helps us. drive safer Payments of our reform.