What does a glass railing cost?


In the process of building a building, every detail counts. For example, for balconies and terraces, there are different ways to equip them, and in this area, guardrails are essential. If you have decided to use the glass railings to beautify your patio, here is your budget.

What is a guardrail and what is it intended for?

The bodyguard is a barrier intended to be installed around balconies and terraces or on the side of the stairs. They are there for Ensure safety all and prevent the risk of falls. Railings are generally classified according to the material used for their construction. There are, for example, those in wood, de i metal (steel or aluminum) and finally those in glass which are particularly appreciated. To find quality, take a look at https://www.railingsdesign.com/12-garde-corps-verre.

What are the benefits of the glass railing?

Apart from the fact that the glass railing easily matches several building styles, it has several other advantages. With his sophisticated design, the glass railing gives you the impression that you are in a particularly spacious place.

Whether it is laminated glass or tempered laminated glass, the glass railing is designed to resist weight and flex. It is therefore perfect to withstand shocks. It consists of several layers of glass and guarantees a certain security.

Against wood that can rot or metal that can rust, the glass railing has a clear advantage. It is more resilient to climate risks and that deteriorates less rapidly. To ensure that you always have a clear view and a beautiful decoration, it is necessary to clean it regularly. This prevents dirt from accumulating there.

Another important point, the glass railing gives you one very good heat and sound insulation.

How much does a glass railing cost?

Glass railing is the most expensive on the market considering the benefits of the material, but the price is variable. It depends on glass quality, of his thickness, ends or similar style longing for. A laminated glass railing will therefore have a different price than tempered laminated glass. But at least 500 euros per linear meter to have a railing made entirely of glass. If you choose to incorporate other materials into your railing, it also affects the price. Bring a guardrail with you stainless steel and glass postsyou have to plan at least 400 euros per linear meter. If, on the other hand, you prefer a guardrail with cable and glass or with bar and glass, at least 175 or 225 euros per linear meter required.

In addition, there is a workforce that varies depending on your service provider and the complexity of your railing. As a general rule, the higher your railing, the more work.

After installing the glass railing, however, it is necessary to maintain it. This site explains how to do it.