What does a glass balustrade cost?

Due to its functional nature, the balustrade is increasingly used by both individuals and professionals. Its double advantage is that it is very designer and blends in perfectly with the rest of the decor of the house. The most popular format is glass. Are you thinking of taking it over for construction or renovation? Then find out the basics, from the benefits to evaluating the price.

The advantages of a glass balustrade

The balustrades are a real asset to the safety of stairs, balconies or terraces. Although they come in a variety of materials, glass is the most commonly used because of its aesthetic note. Very trendy, it enhances the beauty of the places where it is installed.

Due to its transparency, the glass railing lets more natural light through and gives your interior more charisma. In addition, glass accessories (whether railing or table) immediately give the impression of having a larger space than it seems.

Glass also adapts to other materials very easily for an original rendering of your railing. Regardless of whether it is a wooden, aluminum or steel frame, the customization options are much wider. All you have to do is contact professional balustrade specialists and voila!

For example, if you live in Brittany, where the winds are quite strong, a glass balustrade will allow you to admire the outside landscape without having to worry about the winds. This is due to its transparency, but also due to its great durability (it is laminated glass). This is a possibility that pole balustrades, for example, do not offer. Better, a glass railing has excellent sound and thermal insulation.

What does a glass balustrade cost?

The price of such devices depends on many variables that can greatly affect the final amount. The first concerns the desired thickness of the laminated glass (the quality of the sound, heat and UV insulation depends on it). Then comes the total area to be covered and the type of configuration you have chosen. Depending on the case, the glass clamps as well as the selected frame can increase the overall costs.

Note that you have to set a price per linear meter (ml) for a glass balustrade. Depending on the desired adaptation, the price can vary on average between € 170 and € 600 / ml. In any case, the easiest way for you to ask for a detailed offer from specialists. For the best result, he could visit the house before doing the estimate.

How do I install a glass balustrade?

There are many ways to lay a glass balustrade. Installation can be done in different styles: free-standing, French or English. However, do not improvise as a Sunday handyman. It is recommended to entrust this work to experienced professionals. This is all the more important as these balustrades must meet strict standards. These are the NF P 01-012 and P 08-301 standards relating to the size and other types of crash barriers. Professionals who have mastered these different standards will be better able to offer you a blameless job.