What do owners look for when choosing a professional?

When you think about it what owners are looking for when choosing a professional who needs his work or his reform, we have to take into account some considerations.
Whether small reforms (like changing parquet, repairing the bathroom …) or big things like building a house, changing covers etc of the mind and trust that your work or reform is in good hands.


Source: Rober Masonry

Keys to attracting new customers for work and repairs

We explain to you all the important aspects that need to be considered so that builders decide to entrust a professional with a job:

  • Recommendations:
    One of the most important aspects that many homeowners get guided by – word of mouth, online reviews (or that they can’t find negative reviews) is very important for them to give you the job in the end. .
  • Clear prices:
    Having clear and easy to understand budgets will be another important factor that will make the difference. Add your brand logo, if you have it, as well as any images and blueprints required. Plus, it’s even better if you come up with a few offers so you don’t miss out on a price.
  • Availability:
    It is not customary for people to adjust the start of construction to the presence of professionals, on the contrary. They strongly believe that they have wide availability to start work when it suits them best, on a schedule and an hour.
  • Living:
    Letting someone know in advance that you already have experience and have done this type of work will give them extra security and confidence, which will undoubtedly determine the final choice.
  • Your personality:
    This aspect is highly valued, especially for large structures that will take longer to treat over time; the longer the job, the more they value how your personality fits. Be close, kind, and understanding to gain their trust.
  • Do you have an incredible offer:
    If we add a great starting offer to all of the above, such as a free service or a percentage of the final budget, it still helps to attract customers. Of course, measure and rate the cost you have before you get the job.
  • Job profile:
    There are other details that need to be considered in relation to our professional image that will work in our favor so that we can carry out more reforms and work with individuals:
        • You have a web domain in your name: When we get a domain with the famous “.com” or “.es” to register our name or company (the shorter, clearer and shorter the better), the easier it will be for individuals and customers. Find us on the Internet if you are looking for services for your work or reform.
        • Do you have a website: In addition to all of the above, if you have a website where customers can log in to see your services offered, photos of past work, etc., then you can accumulate points to choose.
        • Personalized email: This is a very economical investment, but it makes customer contact more professional. Instead of an e-mail account “mycompany@gmail.com” we can use it in the form “myname@mycompany.com” to give our contacts more presence and professionalism.
        • Social media: Another great way to take part. Social networks reach millions of people instantly and for free. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or any other network we choose, it is important that they are up to date on our work, provide photos, prices, etc.
        • Clean format budgets: The way we present offers to our customers is very important for them to choose our services.
          With our program Dear You have an attractive PDF and the flexibility to view it at any point in the sale, among other benefits; Everyone thought your budget would help you close more jobs.


    In addition to everything we explained to you to learn a bit more about what people look for when hiring a professional, there are many sales techniques that can help you close more jobs. At the PR Academy we offer a course with all the techniques that you can use on a daily basis to increase the efficiency of your company.