What do a restaurant and a repair shop have in common?

Hotel versus construction. Power supply against tiles, partitions and wiring. What do a restaurant and a repair shop have in common? Oh well, the two types of businesses have more in common than you might think.

Imagine walking down a path with your family. You are hungry but you are on the beach easy to find a restaurant as it is full of it. All you have to do is choose and eat!

Because you’re hungry, you don’t often turn it around and stand in front of two, one next to the other. One is more beautiful than the other, more careful, cleaner. But you want to make sure they don’t beat you, because of course seems more expensive.

To your surprise the price is a bit higher but quite cheap. In addition, the menu is flaky, the most frequently described dishes … Trust seal on TripAdvisor in front of the door …

Do not hesitate. You come in and eat well. You leave with the feeling that these 1-2 euros per plate are super well spent.

When you arrive at the hotel where you are staying, the front desk will ask you where you ate and explain to you. The receptionist tells you that you also eat very well in the other restaurant. It’s worth a try. He thinks it’s a shame If I had known that before …I’ve eaten now and I’m leaving tomorrow!

So I ask you: are your budgets good and meaningful? Have you ever wondered how with such a simple gesture can your business grow? take care of the image of your budget?