What are the types of freight or moving?

In order to transport products or goods, we have to consider the differences Types of cargo or change that exist. This way we can better choose those for the type of goods we want to move.

The first difference or factor to consider is whether the transfer is within national borders or from one country to another. In this article we will see the different vehicles available for ground freight.

Types of freight or national relocation

Depending on the amount we need to transport, we determine what type of cargo or vehicle we need. So at the same time we have to consider several factors The price is as low as possible, and our goods or merchandise travel safely to your destination.

Mini loads for parcels and small furniture

This type of cargo uses a family vehicle and moves small items like small furniture, packages, boxes, or even pets. They usually load up to 400 kg and a maximum volume of 3 m³

Freight transport by truck

It is the most widely used vehicle for this service and the easiest to procure. It has roughly the same capacity as the previous transport, with one big advantage that it has no roof. So the load is much bigger, so you can always transport large products.

It is very important You don’t need too much for driver, truck and material safety who wears. It is typically used to transport building materials, lumber, glass, or large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchens, and even bicycles.

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Small loads

This transport is able to move a complete move from a small apartment or what fits in two rooms of a house, has a load capacity of 2000 kg and a volume of approx. 5 to 8 m³.

The big difference to trucks is that the materials move more safely. Moving services can be added with this type of cargo. Which is Loading and unloading furniture and other goods in addition to their shipping insurance.

Average freight

If we have to move our house by moving large and some small products, this shipping method is suitable because it has a higher loading capacity and the size of the truck is larger and can load up to 3500 kg.

Big load

This is the largest vehicle for the transport of products, the loading capacity of which significantly exceeds the previous ones, as it can carry up to 7000 kg in weight. With this vehicle, we cannot fear that all of our personal belongings can be safely entered and transported to their destination for a trip, with large and heavy furniture safely transported.

Types of cargo or international land transport

We need to know what means of transport currently exist to transport our goods or goods to another country. All of the tools mentioned in this article are soil types.

The same means of transport can be used for the transportation of goods or for movement. The difference lies in the type of service offered. Because when we talk about transporting goods, it is only about transportation, and when we talk about moving, other services are added, such as loading and unloading goods, insurance and even collecting electrical elements or connection to the pipeline.

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Loaded with a refrigerated truck

This truck is used to transport frozen products or products that have to be constantly refrigerated in order to be preserved. This type of transport has an isothermal box that can be adjusted to the desired temperature.

Pickup truck

It is generally used for the transportation of heavy, large volume products. It’s rare these days as it doesn’t have side panels.

Freight with an armored truck

This is an armored anti-theft device used by private security teams and is generally used for transferring money or other valuable material.


This is a truck that contains a cabin, and instead of a box, there is a cistern as a tank in which liquids are transported as fuel.

Transportation of goods by road train

This type of transport makes it possible to move a large amount of goods. It is an alliance between vehicles that look like a truck train. A truck is considered a point of orientation, which the other boxes follow independently of each other.

Articulated charge

It can be a trailer or a tractor and is a vehicle that connects multiple frames at one point and is used to transport large products.

Container trucks

These trucks must be certified according to ISO standardsas is most common for international transfers. It is designed to keep products dry and in optimal condition by moving them in containers that perform their function properly.

As can be seen, for international shipments you not only have to know the volume of goods to be transported, but also the conditions under which the product will arrive in good condition to your destination.

In addition to the knowledge of a type of transportation that transports or moves goodsyou need to know the services offered. The latter determines the total cost of loading or moving. Knowing the transport company, its services and its prices, we can avoid any kind of disruption.

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