What are the dimensions of a work? | Reform plan

Confusion is common Product measurements S. Material Implementation Budget (PEM) From the same. Although measures are the backbone for calculating PEM, it is necessary to learn to differentiate between the two concepts.


Difference in work measures and budget for material implementation

Dimensions of a work

Work measurements are a document that is usually written by the professional who is responsible for the management and execution of the work. This means that it is a list that describes the work items required and their respective quantities.

Work measurements are a brief breakdown of the quantities required for each job on the construction site.

For example: when we install laminate floors, the dimensions of this element can be divided into:

  • The living room
  • The bedroom
  • usual parts

That way, by distributing the amounts, it’s easier and more transparent to understand where the total amount of the item came from.

Let’s look at an example:

Different measuring columns

  • Units: This column indicates the units in which the dimension is given
  • Matches: The work to be carried out has been determined. A work item can be defined in three ways:
    • Required material: The properties of the material used are determined
    • Work To Do: Determine what the work will be
    • Materials and work to be done: Sometimes both are put together in one set (as in the example).
  • The measure: The specialist measures the required amount of game in question
  • Unit price: The professional can either specify a market price, or if he is responsible for budgeting himself, he will specify his price here.
  • Imported: The amount results from the multiplication of the unit price of the measure.

Hardware implementation budget

This concept is defined as the amount of the price of materials and further Workforcenecessary for the implementation of the reform. The calculation takes place in multiply the amount of work by the unit price of the professional, the total amount of the chapters of the work of the various activities that are carried out gives us the budget for the implementation of materials, as you can see in the example below:


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