What are the advantages of an artificial vertical garden?

The artificial vertical garden is an excellent solution to enjoy nature when you don’t have time to take care of it.. Sometimes we just don’t like gardening, but we want to have a relaxing view at work or at home.

By installing an artificial vertical garden, we can enjoy a large green area with no risk of moisture or let the plants suffer if we don’t know how to cultivate them.

Is it necessary to have a green space nearby, even if it is artificial? Having a green space either where we work or at home is extremely important because we need a place where we can relax and change our mood.

There are many types of artificial vertical gardens in the market. With different designs that can be adapted to our budget and the space in which we are going to install it.

Advantages of an artificial vertical garden

An artificial vertical garden offers us many advantages. Although it is not a question of natural plants and flowers, we can install it indoors or outdoors and adapt it perfectly to the environment in which it will be placed and we will take advantage of its advantages.

You don’t need any maintenance

In general, natural vertical gardens require a lot of maintenance, which can take time and effort to prune and water. In contrast, in artificial vertical gardens, it is enough to place and enjoy them without maintenance.

They have great decorative value

These gardens are designed to create decoratively unique spaces and have the advantage of being easily adaptable to any space. Providing the touch of nature that we may need to instill more calm and efficiency in the activities we conduct.

You look realistic

Most man-made vertical gardens have the ability to look properly natural and mimic the different types of vegetation, making it very difficult to distinguish between man-made and natural.

Consult a Professional to determine the most suitable type of structure and design.

They don’t cost a lot

They have a low initial cost compared to any type of garden with natural plants. This is a great benefit when you take into account that we are getting a similar environment in terms of color and shape to natural plants.

This allows us to make the rooms independent

Often times we need to separate the environments, provide some privacy, or just separate the sectors. This is very easy to achieve with a bar or wooden structure in which an artificial vertical garden is maintained.

Ideal for using empty areas

In every house or room there is a free wall where we can add a little originality and individuality. How much better when it comes to the outdoors, even if it’s a visual idea.

How can you create an artificial vertical garden?

There is nothing like an artificial vertical garden to bring a wall or part of a house or office to life. Imagine looking out the window and instead of a wall you see a garden with your favorite plants.

You can do this by following a few simple steps. However, if you wish, you can contact a professional.

Measure the space on the wall

Using a tape measure and pencil, we first measure the area of ​​the wall and mark the area where we want to place the artificial vertical garden.

Measure and cut the artificial vertical garden

It’s time to work on our garden part so we need to put it face down on our desk. On it we transfer the measurements we make of the wall and mark them with tape. If necessary, we reduce the space required with a pair of pliers. In this way we get an artificial vertical garden plate of the right size that we need.

Arrange the vertical garden

We already have a garden that has just been adjusted, now we need to place it in the area we marked earlier. To do this, we put a nail with a hammer in one of the upper corners from which we will hang the garden.

We’ll make sure it’s level and drive another nail into the other top corner. This step is very important because this way the garden will not move while we are attaching it to the wall and we will know that it is well leveled.

Attach the artificial vertical garden to the wall

You can use a manual stapler for this step, which involves placing multiple staples in different locations. Make sure that there are no creases and that the panel stays close to the wall. Another option, if we don’t have a stapler, is to drill holes in the wall with a drill bit and secure the garden with screws and washers.

Another simpler idea is to lay the garden out on a plastic sheet and hang it on the wall like it’s a giant poster.

Remove the nails and shape our artificial vertical garden

With the garden fully secured to the wall, you can remove the nails that originally used to align it with tongs or tongs. The final step is to simply move the leaves around and shape them into the shape we like most, being careful not to tear them off.

If you follow these simple steps we can place our artificial vertical garden correctly. This creates a unique design of an exterior or interior wall or wall in a very short time.

Check Reference price to showcase a professional looking artificial vertical garden in your home.

Be careful with an artificial vertical garden

We must keep in mind that although this is an artificial vertical garden, prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture can lead to deterioration or imperfection of the leaves.

Now that we know the benefits of an artificial vertical garden, it’s time to have one in our home or office.

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