We provide suggestions for perfect maintenance of your pipeline


There are pipes in most rooms (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.) of the house. Over time, the pipes will become dirty and clogged. By accumulating scale in the pipe, the pipe may emit a very unpleasant smell. In addition to these odors, limescale can swallow pipes and damage them. Similarly, when a pipe is blocked, it will more or less cause a lot of water leakage. To avoid this situation, please seek our advice immediately for perfect maintenance of the pipeline.

Before starting this article, we would like to thank the team leader of Ixelles SDDébouchage for their support at the time of writing this article (learn more about this kind of professional dredging in Ixelles).

1- Clean regularly

As a suggestion, this seems redundant, but many people don’t clean their showers, bathtubs, sinks, bathrooms regularly… If you don’t clean them often, your pipes will become clogged.

Every day, we use this equipment on a regular basis, therefore, the pipeline may be blocked. Depending on the material of the equipment (ceramic, cast iron, etc.), it will more or less often get dirty. Therefore, it is very important to clean all the equipment in each room of the house before thoroughly cleaning. Also remember to remove hair from the bathtub, shower or sink, food residue in the sink, etc.

2- Know the water quality of your city

This is a detail that we do not necessarily have to consider, but if there is too much lime in the water, it may damage your pipeline.If the water hardness is too high, we recommend Use softener Water or anti-lime filter. These methods are very effective and can extend the life of the pipeline.

3- Check the condition of the tap

Usually, pipes are the source of pipe problems. The faucet quickly became dirty, limescale settled in various places and damaged the pipes. Fouling also causes bacteria to accumulate in the water, which is harmful to health.

4- Maintain all your equipment

The maintenance of all electrical appliances is very important. Whether it is boilers, radiators, water heaters…all these equipments must be inspected and maintained to keep the pipes in good condition. For example, the radiator must draw blood once a year. As for hoses that connect pipes to certain equipment, please indicate the date. If the date has passed, the date should be changed.

Through regular maintenance, it is possible to prevent pipeline problems. Pipes are in use every day, and if they are not maintained adequately, they may deteriorate quickly. The results can be very serious: unpleasant smells, clogged pipes, leaks, deteriorating water quality… it is best to act before it is too late. Prevention is the most effective way to keep the pipeline in perfect condition. Therefore, if you don’t care about it until now, please follow our prompts to keep your pipeline as good as possible.