We have the right approach for your reform clients

if we talk about it after customer reformWe may think that we don’t have a contract, we will wait for a visit or find the help we have, but we will not be alone with our customers, we will also have a good time treating these birds. los que ya estamos trabajando, por eso aquí vamos a explicar está Subsequent forms and their meaning.


Possibility of potential reform customers

Do one Monitoring of the reforms of the conditions of the reforms it is a fundamental element come closerThere are no specific rules as to how long we must follow up, but we can give you some guidelines on how best to do so.

We explain what we mean using a sample as an example:

The customer is in contact with us and made a guess for a comprehensive reform, you need to pay a visit to meet the needs and explain more details to the customer, it’s time to make the guess.

But you can take it to the office, you can do the permanent areas: bills, commercial administration, organization, receiving pedigrees and actions for the next day to meet the guess of the customer, the next day to visit new guests mandar el presupuesto, así hasta pasar un par de dias.

What happened during this time? The customer has already received other offers before yours, evaluates further offers and tWe fought for more money Would you like to find the guess of the first increase in the possibility of having 60% of the work?

It is therefore important to be able to organize all new customers, there is a limit on your calendar but there are more than 3 days, for the most pretentious, one of them I want to end the fight with a bar on the action. In this case, it’s important that the terms come with a phrase that makes you want to help the customer:

J’ai played the assumption that j’étais pédiché. If that’s okay with you, I’ll call you next Friday so you can let me know what you think.

If you don’t set a specific date too far or too close, the client will reply to you whether that date is going well or not or when he thinks he’s had time to look at it. Il est important d’appeler le client au el right moment: Not too early (you end up overpowering the customer and that will provoke resentment towards you) and not too late (you don’t seem to care or worse that someone is ahead of you).

For example, we give you some trial lessons and the client says you’re on vacation for 2 weeks, but you don’t want to write about those days. If you know that the customer wants to pay the amount of money, pay attention to the ranges:

  • After the first visit the right thing is to send in the budget 3 days or 5 days how very hard.
  • i want to know the answer or after meeting, you must leave a minimum 1 week to call the customer (this will be el día que sugerirás en el mail en el que le envías el presupuesto). If you answer that you need more time, you can do what you want to do and you will be in the best position in the world. 1 week wait between Lamada and Lamada.
  • Go to the next home page it’s better to have it track electronically as it is less intrusive. Nou’s suggestions Enter no more than a week.
  • In the first case What do you think you have to do with the chapter you are creating and you don’t know? everything is nice. And suggest you can look for some alternate alternative to explain everything clearly.
  • In the second sense You can suggest answering a question, even if it’s negative. Hay que saber cando retirases para no perder demasiado el tempo.

Buenos dias Sr. Client I want to know how we can study our prerequisites. As a background comment, you must take someone else or you can join the chapter you can consider with a high price, we can investigate an alternative product solution and help as much as possible. Anyway thanks, we definitely lost, we have to inquire about the most important thing.

Separation from your work

On our side, we have our clients working in their field and we must be wrong. track all steps As in the second apartment, let’s explain it with a practical example.

An embroidery accepted the assumptionIt’s time to start one planning the start of the reform and the whole process up to handing over the keys, this process requires some tasks and is important no nada olive, Because if you forget to ask about the flooring or if you forget when it is about receiving some materials, you can cause inconvenience and cause them to withdrawIt’s a creation at the customer and a male star we want to be able to believe in professionalism and a bunch of probabilities I don’t recommend.

So it is important to have a plan and have a plan to work on the form of order and separation, which is another project and when we need to be varied at the top we do not lack information.

We inform you that each reform is separated by mats with their numbers, also you have a planner or clerk in the office where he writes the day, now, the name of the project with the pending process to be carried out as Example of rejecting the Juan project: kitchen furniture KüchenTAG March 19th. Así no solo lo verás tu, si no que todo operario que este trabajando en esa reforma podrá verlo.

In addition, plan every day of reform with your employees, if everyone knows the task to be done at each moment, you will be able to do a planned and orderly work, of course, let’s not forget that there are inconveniences that we have can not control.

Sequencing of all reforms with STIMAT

With STIMAT you can manage all centralization processes like a central shower possible customers like you current customers:

  • An example of a place we discover reform system: This allows us to see visually and from the STIMAT budget panel what state the reform is in, and thus act in one way or another.
  • Second, we can find it Recording system: It is our help to automate the tracking of a customer in a sensitive, visual and grouped form by image

Thank you for the additional features you create:

  • Create group recorder from Obras
  • See at a glance which works have reminders, the list of budgets
  • Alarm programming with day and time
  • Make it easy here at Movil
  • 2 types of loggers: Customer Support or Tarea