Ways to Convert a Client to Reforms

When a customer asks us for a Budget for your reform, it is important to know how to stick to it and what to do to choose us as your reform professional and that’s what we need to know the best way to convey our trust. But just as we begin our work, there are times when the client backs down, leaving the plans half-baked and wasting our time. So we have to do everything for it prevent this from happening and make them a reformed customer.


4 ways to convert a regular customer

Adjust the price to suit your needs

When a customer wants to undertake a reform project, they are not really aware of the cost of labor or raw materials that will be used. He doesn’t want any last-minute surprises, so it’s important to give him a well-explained budget with lots of details so he knows the prices of labour, materials or tools, among other things. .

Explain what they are Aspects that can lead to an increase or decrease in the budgetand advise him what type of material best suits your price. That’s why it’s important to follow everyone the progress that is being made in the area of ​​reform and that you know what improvements are currently in place.

On the other hand, if the budget is too high, you may decline for cost reasons or the client may not even want to start the renovation. with STIMAT budget program You can offer different prices within the same budget, ensuring that the client is the one who decides the price of his reform and that he does not reject you as a possible professional.

Watch carefully

We’ve talked about the importance of engaging with your customers on other occasions, as it’s not uncommon for a customer to complain about a defect professional communication. We recommend that after you send the budget to a new client requesting your services, that you give them a few days to contact them again. At this moment, Be available if they have questions or want to meet with you.

With Plan Reforma PRO you have yours Provision of a monitoring tool which you can use for both potential clients and those you are already retraining. Remember to always create task reminders and notifications to contact them.

Don’t set any expectations

As a professional, you know everything It can happen with a reform that not everything is under your control. Unforeseen problems such as delivery times can arise at any time. Never guarantee the customer that you will do their job within a certain time or sign supply contracts because You may not be able to run it for reasons beyond your control.

Show the customer what they can achieve with their reform

Is not present nothing is better than a customer who is enthusiastic about your reform, but… how can we achieve that? You can show before and after other similar reforms that you have committed.

Another option is to use a mood board — an inspiration board — where you can show the client at a glance what their remodel will look like and what their home environment will look like. Good This tool is very useful when it comes to showing different ideas to a client who wants to start a project.

Con STIMAT can also generate this mood board automatically and visually sell the finishes your client has chosen on budget. In addition, the customer is directly reflected any changes you want to make.

Online and interactive mood board