Ventilated facades: everything you need to know

The ventilated facade is a facade construction system with many aesthetic options, with high quality and many advantages over technical and acoustic insulation.

The installation of this type of facade does not have to be a new task; It is possible to convert an ordinary facade into a ventilated facade during the refurbishment or renovation. Then we will explain it to you Everything you need to know about ventilated facades, steadily increasing for several years.

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Types of ventilated facades

There are many classifications that can be made within the various ventilated facades that exist today and each company usually has its own. To develop the distinction between types in general, we will first differentiate according to the type of materials used and another according to the fasteners used in the assembly.

1.Depending on the type of basic materials used in ventilated facades, we find:

  • Ceramic facades: they can be porcelain stoneware, terracotta, etc.
  • Metal facades: mostly in polished aluminum or zinc.
  • Stone facades: they can be of different types, such as granite, marble, slate …
  • Wooden facades: one of the most natural and environmentally friendly options. You can use cedar, chestnut …
  • Glass fronts: There are a multitude of possibilities with plain, translucent colors, with prints on the back.
  • Composite facades: These are usually polymers or plastics.

2. Depending on the fastening used when installing the ventilated facade, we can find:

  • Chemical anchor
  • Mechanical fastening anchor
  • Anchor instructions
  • Anchoring on aluminum construction

Advantages and disadvantages of ventilated facades

After explaining what these types of facades are and which ones are available in the market, we will talk about the pros and cons of their use.


There are many advantages to installing this type of facade: it allows the facade to longer shelf life through the constant ventilation of the air chamber, improves sound and thermal insulation of property improved Building beautification Thanks to the design and innovation in the coatings, it reduces the possibility of structural movements, reduces moisture and Improve energy efficiency, with the following save energy that this implies. All of this adds value to the property.


Like almost every installation, it also has its drawbacks. You have the complex installation, according to the type of constructions and fixings used; So. Its correct use may depend on the quality of the walls on which it is placed, as they must be of sufficient strength. Another important aspect is the question of the basis; The renovation of this type of facade is associated with costs that not all municipalities can initially afford. There is a possibility of accessing aid for the renovation of facades, but there are certain deadlines (between application and provision) that must be respected in order to receive the amount necessary to carry out the reforms and therefore several times the construction company decides to to take over the amount of the grant so that the work can be carried out, but of course not all companies have this economic capacity …

How to install a ventilated facade

As with any work we do, there is some research that needs to be done beforehand. All the factors involved, no matter how small, are essential for a flawless result. We will then explain briefly and generally how to assemble one of these facades:

  • Load-bearing wall: The wall is responsible for absorbing the loads on the cladding and transferring it from there to the building. Whether it’s brick, concrete, or some other type of structure, it has to be strong. The support must be selected according to the type of anchor that we will use when assembling the facade.
  • Inner pipe and insulation: The insulation is placed on top of the underlay, but in some cases this is not necessary as the underlay already meets the necessary requirements. However, it should be as waterproof as possible as it is exposed to bad weather (especially when it rains).
    The ideal place for the insulation is attached to the load-bearing wall of the building so that the outer chamber is between the outer cladding and the insulation.
  • Fastening system: The anchor is responsible for the mechanical transmission of the forces it receives from the coating to the carrier. It is necessary to distinguish two types of loads, vertical, which are the dead weight of the coating, and another horizontal, which represents the forces transmitted by the action of wind. This is a very important element that should not be overlooked in any of its smallest details. When making your selection, bear in mind that the cladding panels will expand over the course of their service life, so the anchoring must allow the panels certain movements.
  • Siding: This is the aesthetic part of the facade and your choice will be the one that will give the image and final finish of the facade. As we noted at the beginning, we can distinguish many types: wood, ceramic, glass … and depending on the coating chosen, we have different types of anchors that allow us to place them correctly.
  • Train yourself in the assembly of ventilated facades and become a specialist

    It is precisely the fact that the installation of a ventilated facade requires training and specialization that makes entering this niche market very interesting. There is less competition in niche markets because fewer people are willing to make an effort and leave their comfort zone. So if you train to install a niche market, then you will. do two very profitable things to grow your renewal business:

  • You will have less competitiontherefore more opportunities to get works with less effort.
  • You expand your target market: Several areas of activity allow diversification and are not dependent on a single market.
  • How do you know the industry? many manufacturers run loyalty programs for your installers. As part of these programs, they organize a lot of free training with local dealers. To register! Hold on and Being a licensed solution installer is a great opportunity. Be careful and encourage yourself to exercise.

    On the other hand, there are foundations like the Arbeitsstiftung where Classes also very complete. Differentiate and specialize, it will always help you. See the Ventilated Facades course.

    From the Market Reforma Marketplace in particular, we have also opened this category and have already received a request from professionals who are looking for professionals in the manufacture of ventilated facades. In Plan Reforma we offer the individual the estimated price for their work BEFORE it goes on the MARKET, which allows us to eliminate the gossip from customers who just want a price. In addition, we call all customers by phone, which makes us the portal with the highest quality contacts on the market.

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    Why recommend a ventilated facade to your customers facade

    If your customer a. concludes New building, the inclusion of this type of facade will give it an innovative touch thanks to modern designs that, in addition to the possibility of Adaptation up to 100%. We can also highlight the many advantages in terms of energy savings thanks to their thermal and acoustic insulation.

    On the other hand, if our customer thinks that rehabilitation, it is important to remember that the ventilated facade system can also be installed on relatively « poor » surfaceswithout having to carry out costly preliminary repairs on the carrier; In addition, depending on the project, they do not need a completely flat surface, which makes this system an ideal rehabilitation method. The low weight of the ventilated facades, which do not overload the structure, also makes it an ideal method for this type of renovation.

    If applicable Neighboring communities, we can tell you that thanks to your installation system, will not cause any inconvenience to the ownersas the installation does not require any drying time and can be done in all weather conditions. Since this is work that is carried out exclusively outside the building, it does not interfere with its use at any time, so it does not have to be cleared and enables you to continue a fulfilled life.

    More, And what is YOUR advantage if you recommend this type of facade? Quite simply: profit margin. You get more benefits Due to the higher cost compared to traditional facades, which translates into more money to carry out this type of work.

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