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The topic of light in the house is extremely important for all builders who want to build a house. Interiors lit by natural light appear more spacious, brighter and more inviting. Solar radiation has a positive effect on the health and well-being of its residents. For this reason, it is important to place the windows in the house in such a way that they give a lot of light.

Housing orientation and energy efficiency

The orientation of the home is a key factor in deciding window placement. When a home faces south, it captures more winter sun and therefore offers more insulation. This in turn reduces heating costs.

On the other hand, if the house faces east or west, air conditioning costs can increase due to the heat of the sun in summer.

In general, north-facing windows are the best for light and energy efficiency, as they harness sunlight without overheating the home in the warmer months.

Other factors to consider when placing windows

When deciding where to place windows in a home, it’s important to consider factors other than orientation. For example, the size and number of windows should be determined by the amount of light needed to create a comfortable living space.

In addition, the distance between the windows can affect the amount of natural light received. It’s important to ensure that enough natural light enters each room to make it comfortable and well-lit.

Finally, it is important to consider the location of trees and other structures around the home. Trees can provide shade, which reduces heat in summer and increases insulation in winter. However, blocking windows with structures such as walls or fences should be avoided.

In short, proper window placement is key to creating a comfortable environment and improving energy efficiency. When deciding where to place windows in a project, consider the orientation of the home and other factors such as window size, number, and spacing. This will ensure your home is well lit and energy efficient.

What is the best orientation for the windows?

A basic principle when placing windows in the house is the orientation of certain rooms in relation to the countries of the world. This natural principle not only contributes to sufficient natural light, but also offers the possibility of heating the house with solar energy. The south side is the most exposed and warmest, while the north side is the opposite. For this reason, the right location of the house and its relationship with the environment are the basis of a successful investment.

Orientation of the house and sun exposure

Given the orientation of the house in relation to the countries of the world, there are several principles according to which the windows will be placed.

east orientation

The east orientation doesn’t get the most exposure to the sun, so a kitchen, for example, would work well on the east side of the house. The kitchen often gets hot when cooking and baking, so a very sunny location on the south or west side is not a good idea. Intense sunlight can spoil the joy of cooking and eating.

East can also be a good direction for a bedroom, but only for early risers. With a dose of morning sun, every morning becomes more fruitful and full of energy.

orientation south

The south orientation is the one that receives the most sunshine and the longest, so the rooms where residents spend most of their time should face south. Living room, children’s room, office or study: These rooms should have the largest windows and access to natural sunlight.

It is the best lighting for our health, comfort and well-being. Anyone who likes to be in the sun should plan a south-facing balcony or terrace. So you can enjoy the sun’s rays almost all day long.

west orientation

The west side and the south side also create a suitable orientation for a dining room, a library or a terrace. The rooms will be bright and inviting. Such an arrangement will ensure that the interior will receive enough light in the afternoon, when we most often spend time with family and friends.

orientation north

The north side is opposite the sunny south side, so it is advisable to place the closet or… the bedroom on this side, for example. This division of the bedroom or relaxation room also ensures an undisturbed nap during the day.

What window size to choose for the house?

Of course, when choosing window sizes, the primary consideration should be the location of the house and the specific rooms it contains in relation to the cardinal points.

What else to consider? The size of the windows also depends a lot on the location and space around the house, as well as the distance to the neighborhood. When building a house in a densely built-up area, it is not advisable to choose large glazing to the outside.

On the other hand, when the space around the home is large and the lure of nature invites one to open up and get closer to it, investors turn to the increasingly popular large glazing, almost always in the form of sliding patio doors.

How to plan the distribution of windows in the attic of the house?

Rooms in the attic naturally require even more natural light. Of course, this is ensured by skylights. How to place them correctly to enjoy a cozy and bright space? When planning the location of skylights, you need to remember that the larger the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, the larger the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe window should be.

You get more natural light by installing several windows next to each other in a room. By installing several smaller skylights side by side, you get more natural light into the attic than installing a single window with the same area of ​​glass.