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Aid to improve the energy efficiency of homes and buildings can be applied for from 17 October to 30 June 2023.

Direct aid and tax breaks

By replacing the windows, Spaniards can benefit from direct subsidies of between 20% and 80% in addition to tax breaks. Therefore, administrations are trying to encourage the renovation of housing to reduce energy consumption.

What are Next Generation Support programs?

The European Union has provided funds to encourage improvements in its member countries. Part of this appropriation is earmarked for activities related to the renovation of housing in order to improve their energy efficiency.

In Next Generation, there are three types of benefits that an individual may receive based on their annual income or where they live. These are the following:

1. Program to improve the energy efficiency of households

Royal Decree 853/2021, approved on October 5, regulates the housing rehabilitation and social housing assistance programs of the Reconstruction, Transformation and Sustainability Plan. These are grants whose purpose is to cover measures to improve energy efficiency or measures in single-family houses or buildings.

Follow this link for more details on this provided by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Affairs: in homes

Which activities can be funded?

Any modification or replacement of the thermal envelope, such as B. replacing windows and doors with more energy efficient options is allowed. In addition, it is important that the reform meets one of the following conditions:

  • Reduce annual global energy needs for heating and cooling by at least 7%
  • Reduction of non-renewable primary energy consumption by at least 30%,
  • Modify or replace the structural elements of the thermal envelope to match its properties with the heat transfer and air permeability limits specified in Tables 3.1.1.a–HE 1 and 3.1.3.a–HE1 of the design document DB HE Energy Savings Basis of the Technical Building Regulations (TVE).

Available at this link:

How much is the grant?

The assistance costs are 40% of the workload with a minimum investment of

1,000 euros and a limit of 3,000 euros per accommodation. However, there are exceptions where the amount can be increased. for example. Owners who meet the criteria of economic or social vulnerability can benefit from financing of up to 100% of the construction costs.

Who can benefit from the aid?

grants from Utility to improve energy efficiency Apartments are mainly intended for owners, users and tenants of apartments. Funding is only available for measures at the habitual and permanent residence of the owner, occupant or tenant, which can be proven by a certificate or a registration form.

What is the application deadline?

The deadline for requests for support is June 30, 2023. Requests must be made electronically through the electronic center of the respective council of each Autonomous Community.

2. Tax deduction for personal income tax

5 October to the text published in the BOE

( « Three new temporary deductions in the total state income tax rate » have been added. The income statement mentions tax incentives for people who have made reforms to improve the home’s energy efficiency, as well as replacing old windows with efficient ones with quality glass.

What types of activities are added to the IRPF deductions?

In order to benefit from the income statement deductions under said program, at least one of the following reforms or activities must be implemented:

  • Reduce heating and cooling needs by at least 7%. To do this, you can replace your old leaky windows with new ones made of PVC with high-quality glass, such as those offered by Veneo.
  • Reduce your home’s non-renewable primary energy consumption by at least 30%.

How much is the personal income tax deduction?

The deductions reach 20% and a maximum of €5,000 per year for works that reduce the need for air conditioning by 7%, then they can reach 40% and a maximum of €7,500 per year for reforms that reduce primary energy consumption by 30%. and 60% for reducing non-renewable primary energy consumption or obtaining an A or B rating for the building with a maximum fee of €15,000 per dwelling.

Who can benefit from a tax reduction?

Owners, users and tenants of dwellings in which the energy efficiency improvement measures described above have been implemented. In addition to Payments for work done They must be made by credit or debit card, bank transfer, check or deposit into bank accounts. Amounts Paid Through Cash deliveries are not valid.

Amounts subsidized by public aid are also not tax-deductible.

Accreditation of heating and cooling reduction sites is done by Energy Efficiency Certificates issued by competent personnel, before and after the implementation of the improvement actions, comparing the indicators contained therein.

How fast can you ask for help?

The time to prepare the income statement is the time to claim the above deductions. The income tax credit is valid until December 31, 2023.

3. PREE 5000 program if you live in a small town

This program is intended for residents of cities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, owners of buildings built before 2007. This program provides €50 million to stimulate energy recovery activities in communities facing demographic challenges.

Which activities are funded by the PREE 5000?

Mainly a building reform that saves 30% non-renewable primary energy, thus improving the overall energy rating of the house in at least one energy level (e.g. from the letter D corresponds to the letter C) compared to the baseline, justified with the corresponding energy certificates issued before and after of the reform were signed by an official technician.

What helps?

There are three main aid rates and they are as follows:

  • 50% of the investment for some kind of improvement of the thermal envelope within the limit of 3000 euros,
  • 40% for work to improve heating systems,
  • 20% to improve the energy efficiency of lighting systems.

This aid is intended for works on existing single-family or residential buildings on Spanish territory.

How do I access the PREE 5000 help?

In order to be able to claim the funding of the PREE 5000 program, you must contact the local contact point of the municipality where you live. The basics of the program were published in the Official Journal. The PREE 5000 is valid from August 5, 2021 to December 31, 2023, provided that the available budget is not exhausted before this date.

Who are the beneficiaries of the PREE 5000 program?

Natural or legal persons under public or private law, owner associations, horizontal property groups, building concession companies, public administrations or municipalities and energy companies.

The main condition is to certify ownership of a dwelling built before 2007 in a place with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants according to the methods established in the databases and to provide an energy renovation plan for the building.

The deadline for carrying out the work funded under the energy efficiency support program

It is important to know that the deadline for carrying out works to improve energy efficiency and durability of housing does not exceed 12 months from the moment of granting the aid. Funded activities must always be completed beforehand June 30, 2026

Where can I apply for help from the Next Generation Homes Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program?

You now know the requirements and deadlines for applying for funding to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings in the « Next Generation » program. You can apply for the grants yourself or contact the company that is replacing the windows in your home.

If you decide to take the steps yourself, contact the board of your Autonomous Community directly. Below we leave the links of interest for each community, where you can find more information about it (in the absence of specific information, we leave the general link and mark it with an asterisk):


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