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Window design has evolved a lot over the years. Windows used to be simple squares or rectangles, but now they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most unique shapes is the triangular window. Triangular windows have both advantages and disadvantages over traditional rectangular windows. In this blog post, we talk about the pros and cons of triangular windows so you can decide if they’re right for your home.

Where and which triangular windows are installed most frequently?

Triangular windows go well with pitched roofs, so they are often seen in gable walls or as overhead lighting.

Triangular windows can also be chosen when standard rectangular windows just don’t fit.

Depending on requirements and technical possibilities, triangular windows can be fixed (so-called fixed), i.e. without opening, retracting or swinging.

ATTENTION: Due to their special construction with triangular windows, it often happens that the chassis hits the edge of the case when it is shaken. The reason for this is the geometry of the window profile; In these cases you can try milling part of the frame or choose a less invasive solution. See the next section for details.

Innovative Winkhaus fitting activPilot Comfort PADS for triangular windows

The PADS fitting is a solution based on the activPilot Comfort system, specially designed for non-standard windows (including arched, trapezoidal and triangular windows). What’s your innovation? In addition to the default tilt, there is a very useful option to tilt the shield parallel outside the frame.

This allows you to ventilate the room comfortably and efficiently without having to tilt the window or open it completely. Air exchange takes place through a gap of about 6mm around the perimeter of the case, providing a healthy environment with less space cooling.

Slot ventilation also eliminates the problems of drafts, slamming windows and pesky insects.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Micro-ventilated windows are securely locked and offer the same burglary protection as a closed window with increased burglary resistance.

Before ordering a triangular window, check the price

As with many non-standard products, you will pay more for a triangular window than for a similarly sized rectangular window. You should also have a longer delivery time for this type of order.

However, if you are determined to install a triangular window in your home, then there is no harm in considering the material from which it will be made. Sometimes PVC window profiles that are not precisely welded can leak, this is the case with aluminum windows which, due to their conductive material, do not have the same quality as properly certified PVC windows.

To ensure you choose the best option for your interior, research RC classes

(anti-theft), CE frame and other certificates that the quality carpentry must have. PVC joinery Veneo stands out for the quality of each of its components. Click for more information!

And if you want to get an online offer for windows, familiarize yourself with our online configurator for PVC windows, doors and blinds.

How to choose curtains and blinds for this type of PVC windows?

To meet customer demand for non-standard windows and glazing, roller shutter and blind manufacturers have developed special products that are also compatible with triangular windows. Outside beveled and inside fan folded shades are now available.

Like triangular windows, custom blinds are more expensive than off-the-shelf products. This should be taken into account when evaluating all the pros and cons of choosing non-standard windows.

triangular window curtain

To make it easier to use blinds on triangular windows, some manufacturers have developed electric models. This is a great convenience, especially for large windows or windows that are difficult to access.

If you are looking for more privacy or want to completely darken the room, choose blackout blinds. To enjoy a softer light, choose translucent fabrics. And if you need to filter the light without sacrificing visibility from the outside, choose translucent fabrics.

You can also find special models of roller shutters with us.

Triangular windows: is it worth choosing them?

Visionary architectural projects often require unconventional solutions. Triangular windows and glazing can be installed.

The final decision on window shape will likely be a compromise between aesthetics and cost. It is also worth considering possible practical difficulties that may arise with the daily use of non-standard windows.