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In houses and apartments where the windows were installed decades ago, it is often necessary to replace the windows. The replacement is usually due to poor aesthetic quality of the old windows, heat leaks or simply a desire to improve the thermal insulation of the building by installing quality windows.

Replacement enclosures must be carefully planned. It is necessary to choose products with suitable parameters, protect the interior from damage and pollution, choose the right time for installation.

Step one of window replacement: measure and select window

If we decide to replace the windows, we must first consider what type of windows we need and whether we need the help of a professional to choose them and take the measurements. If the windows are very old, they are woodwork or we just don’t know how to measure the woodwork, it is better to call a professional.

Preparing for this stage, let’s remove all unnecessary elements from the bars. Sometimes it is also worth removing blinds or roller shutters, as they can get in the way convenient window height measurement. Then check the measurements carefully, preferably with a metal tape measure.

You must measure the width and height to the nearest millimeter at at least three points. Inaccurate measurements can result in an incorrectly sized product being ordered, leading to installation difficulties and later window sealing problems.

How to prepare the floor for window replacement?

Before starting the replacement, it is recommended to protect the floor from dust. Draw the curtains and cover the furniture and floor with wallpaper. If you have a balcony it is advisable to protect it in the same way to avoid accidental scratches or stains on its surface. for example with mounting foam.

well, better Cover the radiators under the windows to prevent them from scratching or forming foam, silicone or mounting solution which is then difficult to remove.

Sometimes it is necessary to repaint the room after replacing the window frames due to dirt or minor damage to the walls next to the windows and window sills. If the window installation is carried out in a room, it is recommended to protect the door and the threshold area so that the dust from the room where the window is replaced does not spread all over the floor.

Before you start installing new windows, it’s important to think about what you’re going to do with the old ones. It’s good to know if the window replacement company you hire will take care of excess windows and cabinetry, or if you have to do it yourself. Remember that PVC windows are recyclable so it’s a good idea to ensure they don’t end up in landfill but are recycled.

window installation

Contrary to what you might think, Windows doesn’t take long to install. Installing a new window itself usually takes no more than an hour, but consider the time it will take to remove the old window, clean the toilet, and possibly finish the walls and baseboards.

On average, this takes about three hours per window, with the exact time depending on the complexity of the job (e.g. installing large panes of glass may take longer).

Usually the solution window replacement It is accepted in late autumn or early winter, when, with falling temperatures, the effect of heat loss through the windows begins to be felt. The appearance of water vapor on the windows, the cold pouring out of the window or, as a last resort, the distinct feeling of cold air entering the apartment.

If it is really necessary (e.g. severe window damage in winter), the windows can also be replaced in January or February when the outside temperatures drop sharply.

The importance of material and time

However, it is recommended to carry out the installation at temperatures between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your window replacement in advance so that it can be completed in late spring or early fall.

It is important to note that the installation of custom windows usually takes some time. It is therefore best to contact the craftsman, discuss your requirements and ask for an initial estimate of how long and when the window construction will take. . .

PVC or aluminum carpentry?

Finally, it is worth mentioning the importance of the type of window and the material from which it is made. In general, when deciding to replace a window, the choice is usually between aluminum and PVC windows.

If you are interested in a highly effective solution in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, bet on it PVC boxeswhich, in addition to its insulating properties and low price, offers a whole range of advantages.

Then comes the aluminum carpentry. Fences made of these materials represent a larger financial investment and do not have such good properties in terms of thermal insulation as PVC joinery. Even if the thermal shutdown system is used.

You can read more about material comparisons, energy efficiency, advantages and disadvantages of aluminum and plastic windows here.