Veneo PVC window fittings – PVC windows

When we start planning the glazed spaces in our home, we often only look at the profiles and glazing. We forget that PVC windows in particular have equally important components equipment This is particularly important as it has a direct impact on the quality of the door leaf locking system and the security of our house.

What are fittings and what are they used for?

Fittings are the metal parts that make up the fastening, closing and unlocking system PVC windows. The following picture shows the most important tilt and turn window fittings that may be most common in Spanish households.

Elements marked with numbers are:

1. Aleleb – A part that moves when we activate the handle.

2. Tilt and rotate the compass – Allows you to change the window opening mode (from opening to tilting or vice versa).

3. Hinges – Key elements with which the blade can not only be opened wide. They must also support the weight of an open blade. They must therefore have a load-bearing capacity that corresponds to the size of the glazing.

4th Forward – various parts, the task of which is to ensure the tightness of the closure of the opening.

Other examples of fittings would be angle brackets, bolts, extensions or anti-abuse mechanisms.

The number, location and connection of the hardware are directly related to some of the most important characteristics of PVC joinery. Among other things with:

  • Resistance to wind pressure,
  • Seal,
  • Air permeability,
  • Mechanical resistance,
  • the resilience of the emergency services and
  • Protection against theft.

items What elements should be considered when choosing windows? – Declaration of implementation (DoP) will help you go through the details of this problem. Here we just want to add that with all of the above in mind, you need to ensure that your PVC window hardware is of the highest quality.

Hardware – additional mechanisms

In addition to the basic material today PVC joinery offers many additional mechanisms that make Windows more functional and more secure. Some of the more interesting parts that need to be installed should be considered:

  • The fake maneuver mechanism: A hardware system that prevents the silicone bolt from being brought into the hinged position when the window is in the tilt and turn position.
  • Microventilation: It keeps the window closed and open a few millimeters to allow air to flow through the window to ensure adequate ventilation of the house.
  • The progressive opening mechanism: Thanks to a dental plate system, the tiltable and rotatable windows have between 3 and 7 opening levels.
  • Energy saving devices for winter / summer: A mechanism that allows you to manually adjust the pushing force of the rotating thumbscrews.
  • Friction brake: Locking piece that prevents the open sash from moving and prevents it from closing.
  • Close the balcony door clip: A simple but extremely useful part that can be used to close the balcony door from the outside.

Installation – issues that need to be fixed

Like any work and construction material, each hardware system has certain advantages (determined by the manufacturer). Manufacturer PVC windows You must adhere to them and not install equipment that is unsuitable for the kite’s size and weight. It is advisable to consult your supplier and request the necessary documentation. Also, make sure that only the original hardware is installed on your windows.

It should also be noted that, according to the European standard UNE EN 1627, each window has one of the six statutory levels of protection against theft (from RC1 to RC6, level RC6 with the best penetration resistance). So a PVC windows can be seen as an anti-theft device, it is not enough to install protective glass. It must also be equipped with reinforced hardware: anti-lever and / or anti-drilling system, sponge bolts, etc. For more information on this, see our article Securing Windows to Protect Your Home.

Even the highest quality products wear out over time. The hardware also requires regular maintenance. We recommend the PVC Windows – Care and Maintenance article for some practical tips on how to make your windows last longer.