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Plastic windows (also called PVC windows) have enjoyed constant popularity in the Eastern European markets for years. They are installed more often than wooden or aluminum windows. What defines it?

Why are plastic windows popular?

Until a few decades ago, wooden frames were used in most buildings. Unfortunately, old wooden windows had many disadvantages. It was relatively brittle, did not provide good thermal insulation, and poorly protected wood often began to rot under the influence of time. It is not unimportant that in the past wooden windows were often used with building grilles, which negatively influenced the thermal insulation properties of the window.

Over time, woodworking techniques improved and eliminated the problems faced by owners of old wooden windows. In addition, aluminum carpentry was introduced to the market, the availability of which has also increased significantly for end customers. Even early plastic windows were more durable and easier to maintain than wooden windows made earlier. For static reasons, they also offer better thermal insulation.

As a result, wooden joinery installed in old houses and buildings was replaced with plastic. Plastic joinery manufacturing techniques have also greatly improved, improving the quality of the PVC products obtained, which no longer have the disadvantages of the old PVC joinery. In addition, they offer many other options in terms of construction, design and functionality. For these and other reasons, most investor inquiries and orders relate to plastic windows.

What determines the popularity of PVC windows?

A factor that very often determines the choice of plastic windows is their attractive price. PVC is a much cheaper material than wood (which is expensive to purchase, process, and then protect) and aluminum. PVC windows are always slightly cheaper than aluminum or wooden windows with similar parameters.

Another advantage of plastic windows is their ease of maintenance. As a rule, plastic windows do not require any special maintenance or care: only occasionally clean and adjust or grease the fittings to ensure trouble-free operation. It is also very easy and quick to remove the dirt that we are talking about in this post.

Finally, plastic windows offer very good design options. They are available in a variety of colors (wood imitation and RAL foils), which is also very popular with customers.

Is it worth investing in PVC windows?

High-quality plastic windows can serve you successfully for many years. So, if your aesthetic suits individual preferences and goes well with the look of the building, there is no reason not to choose this option. Modern PVC joinery provides good operational characteristics. It is sometimes said that plastic windows yellow or warp easily when exposed to sunlight; However, these disadvantages are mainly associated with old windows of this type. High-quality PVC windows, such as those offered by Veneo, retain their original appearance when installed professionally and provide years of trouble-free service.

Contrary to what it seems, it is also difficult to say that plastic windows are not environmentally friendly. From the point of view of environmental protection, thermal insulation is the central issue of carpentry. Good thermal insulation of windows improves the energy balance of the building, which is beneficial from an ecological point of view. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose windows with the best possible thermal insulation coefficient (that is, the lowest).