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If you are looking for the perfect window, go for the Veneo i4000. This option has two different lines: classic and round. Both offer premium quality to meet all your needs.

Veneo i4000 Windows: excellent performance and timeless design

Veneo i4000 windows combine the latest technology with outstanding comfort. They are modern and are characterized by very good thermal and acoustic insulation. They also have an original design, which, in combination with a large selection of additional solutions, offers practically unlimited possibilities for creating your own window style.

Thanks to the use of solid walls and durable EPDM rubber seals, the windows well protect the interior from heat loss and external noise. The strength and durability of the window shape is guaranteed by galvanized steel reinforcements. The 15-degree chamfer on the frame and wing edges ensures optimal water drainage. In turn, the smooth surface of the frame facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the window.

In addition, Veneo i4000 windows are available in two versions: Classic and Round.

How do these two options differ? And which version do you choose for your house or apartment? Below you will find an answer to these questions.

Veneo i4000 Classic

The Veneo i4000 Classic glasses are characterized by their simple shape. They are classic, elegant and have slim profiles with clearly defined contours. They are a guarantee of timeless elegance that also blends in well with modern buildings.

Veneo i4000 round

The Round series was created for those looking for unique creative options for their windows. It is characterized by a smooth appearance and curved shapes. Adapts perfectly to the facades of classic buildings. In addition, the different types of beads that can be applied to the windows of this series allow you to create unusual styles and match the windows to the character of the interior.

Veneo i4000 Classic versus Veneo i4000 Round

Thanks to its versatility, the i4000 system is ideal for modern buildings, classical architecture and traditional buildings. In the latter case, it is worth choosing Veneo i4000 windows and assigning them the overlapping frame. You can do this in step 9 of the Veneo window configurator. These are windows that you can use to replace old windows without damaging the building fabric. In addition, installation is easy and quick.

Which option to choose?

Which Windows version to choose? Classic or round? The answer to this question depends on two factors: the type of building and the subjective preferences of the customer.

As already mentioned, the Classic version is simple, has clear contours and is ideal for modern buildings. Round windows, on the other hand, are slightly rounded and are ideal for homes with softer, less expressive lines.

As you will see, the main difference between the Veneo i4000 Classic and the Veneo i4000 Round is the aesthetic of the finish. For more information on the features of the i4000 series, click here.

In addition, Veneo’s online PVC window configurator allows you to customize your windows by choosing the type of glazing you are interested in, the spacers, profiles, etc.