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Rely on sliding doors for your home!

Sliding doors are an attractive and practical way to bring the outdoors in and expand your space. Options come in many styles and can be tailored to suit the style of any home, from modern to traditional.

Install sliders and save space!

Sliding doors not only look good, they also save space compared to conventional swing doors. Once opened, they take up no space and fit neatly into a hole or niche.

When closed, they take up much less space than normal swing doors. This can be a great advantage in small houses or apartments with limited space.

Sliding doors also ensure security and privacy. They are designed to be difficult to open from the outside but allow easy access from the inside. This makes them ideal for bedrooms or offices where more security is desired.

Finally, they are durable and require little maintenance. Sliding doors will last for years, especially if they are made from durable materials like PVC.

field sliding doorsnot

Sliding constructions are ideal for terraces and balconies. Sliding patio doors allow you to enjoy the outdoors and garden or countryside views. They can also be used as an additional entrance or exit for entertainment.

Sliding patio doors come in many styles and can be customized to match the style of any patio or balcony. They open wide to let in natural light and fresh air while providing protection from the elements.

A sliding door is a great way to add style and functionality to your home without taking up much space.

Corredera Veneo Smart Slide

If you are looking for an exit door from the balcony to the terrace, we recommend the new Veneo: the Smart Slide.

SMART-SLIDE is a superior patio door solution that offers an excellent combination of flexibility and energy efficiency. Its carefully calibrated engineering has earned it top marks in tests measuring air permeability, wind pressure resistance and waterproofing, ensuring reliable performance for any type of family home!

With Smart-Slide you can achieve an elegant and elegant glass construction with dimensions up to 4 x 2.4 m (scheme A) or 5.8 x 2.4 m (scheme C). Take advantage of the versatility of these versatile sliding doors by creating symmetrical or asymmetrical layouts that are perfect for any home!

The Smart Slide sliding door is the perfect combination of convenience and affordability. The premium locking system is effortless to operate and offers much larger glass openings than typical lift and slide doors, while being as airtight as their tilt and turn counterparts. Plus, the dedicated hardware allows for smooth opening and closing for an effortless experience.

white sliding doors

If you are looking for a white PVC sliding door for your home, go to the Veneo PVC window, door and blinds configurator. You can choose the product that interests you by specifying the material, window series, model and other elements in addition to window colors.

You will then receive an estimate with the prices of the doors and windows, which you can have designed according to your wishes.

You can also place your order 100% online and have your purchases delivered to your home. In addition to Smart-Slide, there are other solutions for sliding doors in the Veneo online shop for plastic windows. Click to view them!