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Low-E glass is designed to reduce energy input into the building while allowing natural light to pass through. Solar control glass, on the other hand, helps keep unwanted heat out by blocking some of the sun’s rays before they enter the building.

solar control glass

Solar control glass allows the beneficial effects of natural light to shine through, while improved thermal insulation ensures balanced temperatures and low energy bills. Enjoy a more comfortable environment with more efficiency in your home!

An innovative type of glass takes advantage of natural sunlight without its intense heat, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home and reduce electricity bills. This is especially useful in hot climates where air conditioning can be an expensive necessity.

Low-E glass windows with sun protection offer a double advantage. On the one hand, they ensure the best thermal and acoustic insulation of the interior through the use of two glasses and argon gas between the windows, on the other hand, by using one layer. slightly cool The sun protection filters the heat generated by intensive solar radiation.

This reduces the need for air conditioning or heating in the home, resulting in savings on energy bills.

Low-E glass for sun protection also offers other advantages, such as B. improving the natural lighting of a room, protecting against UV rays and reducing glare.

To keep the cold air in while keeping the heat out, the exterior glass is coated with the COOL-LITE range, which helps to make the most of natural light and create bright spaces conducive to working and relaxing.

Benefit from natural light with Veneo windows

Veneo windows are energy efficient and airtight. They give a clean finish to any room or office. Glass has excellent thermal insulation properties to keep heat out while allowing natural light into your living space.

Advanced Technology COOL-LITE by Saint Gobain-Glass (vidrio Climalit) It is also designed to reduce UV rays for long-term protection of furniture and interior decoration.

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