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Windows are an important part of any home, but they can easily be damaged if you do your homework. Follow these tips to protect your PVC windows and keep them in good condition.

Work from home against PVC carpentry

Painting a facade, plastering, insulating or renovating the interior: In each of these situations there is a risk of windows and doors becoming dirty or even damaged. Window hardware (ie the components that allow opening, closing and tilting) are particularly sensitive to alkaline PH, as are stucco and cement plaster.

combined with moisture, can damage the surface of the accessories and lead to rust. Drywall sanding dust can also have a similar effect.

It is certainly better to prevent such damage than to repair it after repairing it. In the next part of the article we will present the means and rules for protecting windows during repair work, as well as the rules for proper cleaning after them.

Protection of woodwork from painting and coating

The new PVC carpentry is protected by a special film during assembly and transport. Please note that it is not intended to protect windows during later renovation and extension work.

This film should be removed as soon as possible; Manufacturers recommend doing this no later than a month after installing the windows. This is important because under the influence of the sun, the process of vulcanization of the moldings can take place. Flaky, brittle tape stuck to the surface of the window frame is very difficult to remove.

Therefore, it is advisable to remove the factory films, even during subsequent expansion or repair work, and to protect the carpentry with suitable materials immediately before the repair.

When painting or plastering, fittings, hinges, frames and glass they should be tightly covered with aluminum foil. To protect the windows from the outside, it is better to choose a weatherproof film.

The film is intended to protect the surface of the PVC joinery from mounting foam, adhesives, plaster, grout or paint. If you also need to use painter’s tape, PVC tape is best because it won’t leave a trace of tape on the glass or window frame when removed.

Coating and condensation in a building: how to protect PVC windows?

During construction, and especially when plastering interior walls, a large amount of moisture accumulates in the premises. If there is insufficient air exchange, condensation can form on the glazing and in the recess of the window frame.

Prolonged exposure to condensation water on window fittings can lead to the formation of so-called white rust. How to prevent it?

The easiest and most effective way is to ventilate the rooms regularly by opening all windows for about 15 minutes. This time is usually enough to ensure complete air exchange in the house.

Window cleaning during and after the repair

What to do if, despite the measures taken, the window is dirty after the reform? Act as soon as possible! Use only specialized neutral pH products to clean PVC and aluminum joinery. These solutions are used for heavy-duty cleaning of white PVC, anodized aluminum and other smooth plastic surfaces.

panache aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. those containing vinegar, other acidic substances and abrasives) may damage the window covering or hardware.

No matter how well the windows were protected, after completing the work at home, they must be thoroughly cleaned. First, remove the dust, wipe it with a cloth dampened with clean water and let it dry. The moving parts of the fittings and the locking pieces must be lubricated with suitable means (we recommend a special oil for the fittings).

Gaskets are also a very important part of the window. They are washed with water and a mild detergent (e.g. dishwashing liquid) and then coated with a suitable waterproofing agent.

PVC window damage after home renovation

When doing household chores, it can happen that in addition to the profiles, the surface of the PVC joinery is also damaged. Luckily, there are solutions to help you avoid the expense of replacing the entire glass.

These are preparations and markers recommended by experts and professionals in the industry that can remove elements such as scratches and cracks from the windows of your home. To learn more, click and read our article How do I remove scratches from glass?

Do jobs around the house without damaging PVC windows

All you need is the right window film and tape to ensure your windows survive the tough home renovations unscathed.

That’s not much when you consider the benefits. Proper protection of windows during construction prevents premature wear and tear and significantly reduces the time it takes to clean windows after construction, painting or plastering. Clean and well-maintained fittings are a guarantee for long-lasting and comfortable use of plastic windows in your home.