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Cleaning windows after repairs can seem daunting. Usually there is so much dust and dirt everywhere that it seems like it will never be cleaned up. But with the following tips you can make your windows shine in no time at all.

Cleaning of PVC windows after repair

It is important to protect windows when painting, plastering or any other type of repair. This minimizes the risk of serious damage and contamination of the joinery.

Although protected windows get much less dirty than those that have not been pre-treated, you still need to do a thorough cleaning after the job is done. The strategy for action depends on the type, location and degree of pollution.

Cleaning dust-covered windows after work at home

Dust and dirt on windows are the most common and least annoying contaminants encountered during renovation. However, there is one important condition for the above proposition to be true. After completing the work, dusty windows should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the dust accumulated in the accessories can lead to accelerated wear and even corrosion (this is how dust produced when sanding plasterboard, for example, acts in conjunction with condensation). Your allies in the fight against dust and dirt on PVC joinery are a vacuum cleaner, a soft cloth and water.

First clean the frame, glass and fittings thoroughly. Then you need to wash the crystals with a soft cloth dampened with water. Don’t forget boards. Clean and dry joints must be lubricated with a special liquid that protects them from the elements.

The final step is washing the crystals. There are many ways to keep your windows shiny and streak-free. We have collected several effective and proven recommendations:

After pre-washing the crystals with a damp cloth, spray with glass cleaner and dry with paper towels or newspaper.

The wiper method is very similar to the first. The difference is that after spraying the glass with a suitable cleaning agent, most of the liquid is caught by the wiper and only the areas where the wiper failed are cleaned with paper towels.

Instead of ready-made liquid, you can also use water with vinegar; Its smell is not the most pleasant, but fortunately it dissipates quickly and is no longer noticeable after a few minutes.

If you don’t like using chemical cleaners, we recommend special microfiber cloths. Thanks to their special construction, they leave your windows clean and stain-free. The big advantage of these towels is that they do not require any detergent. Just a little water.

IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to clean the windows on a very sunny day, as hot windows will cause the liquid to evaporate faster, increasing the risk of nasty stains.

How do you clean heavily soiled woodwork?

If running water has not been able to remove the dirt from the windows, then it’s time to do more preparation. Matching the product to the window material is very important. It is also important to remember that they are not suitable for cleaning glass.

Only pH-neutral special products may be used for PVC and aluminum windows. Aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. substances containing vinegar, other acidic or alkaline substances and abrasive agents) can damage the window profile or the fittings.

Wooden joinery also requires the use of special preparations. They have a different composition than those intended for plastic or aluminum joinery. Wood cleaners can be alkaline, so they should not be used to clean glass.

IMPORTANT: whatever the material of the joinery, try to avoid forced friction of the surfaces to be cleaned. Appropriate measures, caution and patience are a much more effective and safer solution in this case.

How do I clean heavily soiled glasses?

Cement, plaster or mortar on glass is difficult to remove. Because they contain sand and other particles that can scratch glass, care should be taken when handling this type of contaminant. Therefore, scouring, dry cleaning, scraping with sharp instruments or steel wool is not recommended.

This type of dirt should always be soaked in clean, lukewarm water to soften it and then wiped off with a clean, soft cloth. Special preparations for removing residues of concrete, cement screed, adhesive, plaster and lime can be used against the most stubborn dirt.

They are available at most hardware stores. Before using any product, read its description carefully and follow the recommended precautions.

What if home window cleaning methods don’t work?

There are so many different materials and mediums involved in renovating and building that it is impossible to create a window cleaning guide that covers them all. If after repair your windows are so dirty that the methods mentioned in the previous part of this article did not help, then you can seek advice from the window manufacturer, online forums, or use the services of a cleaning company.

The steam window cleaning they offer, specialized means, tools and experience can be of great help in particularly difficult cases.

Tips for effective window cleaning after the reform

The basis of effective and efficient cleaning of windows after repair is their adequate protection. Before starting work, they must be carefully covered with foil or otherwise protected from possible contamination.

Treat the joinery with the utmost delicacy and care: strong friction with a knife or a pointed sponge can scratch both the glass and the joinery.

If you want to take care of your windows comprehensively, it is worth doing the window care at the same time as cleaning: You can find more information here.

Window cleaning in winter might not be the best solution, but it is possible. Instead of regular washer fluid, you can use winter washer fluid.

Window cleaning after renovation work

If you want your windows to stay in good condition for years, it’s important to clean them thoroughly after each repair. This means being careful not to damage the glass or frames and using the right products for each type of window. If you don’t know what to do, professional window cleaners can always help you.