Veneo – PVC joinery How to customize the installation of PVC joinery? – Poison

A regularly maintained and adjusted window ensures long and trouble-free use. For the smooth functioning of the joinery, it is recommended to adjust and clean the fittings twice a year: before and after winter.

Thanks to the appropriate setting of Joinery and PVC doors You can significantly increase the comfort of use and significantly reduce energy costs, since a well-sealed window significantly reduces heat loss.

In addition, having the right setting will reduce the risk of problems opening and closing the window we are talking about. If you notice your windows or doors starting to vibrate, this is an indication that they need to be adjusted. In most cases, simply turning the bolts solves the problem.

In the next video you will find Instructions for setting up the Winkhaus activPilot hardwarea component of Veneo PVC joinery.