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They enable convenient opening of windows and balcony or patio doors. Which handles should you choose to secure the house and ensure maximum comfort? We explain it to you.

PVC window handles

The handles are the main element that ensures the functionality of the windows. Its main function is to open, tilt or open the window in the micro-ventilation position. A well-chosen handle can do much more, it can protect windows from being opened by children or prevent theft.

Today, handles are also becoming a decorative element, decorating the window frame and the interior of the room. Therefore, choosing the right grip is not that easy.

Design, colors and finishes of the window handles

They are made of different materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, plastic or a combination of these materials. The handles are therefore insensitive to damage and withstand daily use.

The shape of the handle is responsible for ease of use. We can divide them into one-armed and two-armed holds that resemble an anchor. The variety of designs and finishes, for example satin or matte, allows the handles to be adapted to the most demanding spaces. From modern and minimalist to more classic.

Which handles for which windows?

For PVC window frames, the handles are selected according to the color. The popularity of white PVC joinery also determines the white color of the handles. The popularity of white PVC joinery also determines the white color of the handles.

With composite windows, the choice is no longer so obvious. When it comes to golden oak joinery, we look for color combinations with gold or bronze or match handles in a similar shade.

For aluminum windows we choose handles with a minimalist shape and colors similar to those of the frames. Made of metal or a combination of metal and plastic, they create an ideal modern composition. This gives us an elegant and uniform shape.

Main functions of the handles

The knob handle was primarily developed for the safety of the little ones in the household, but also as an anti-theft device. This type of handle offers the basic functionality of opening, closing or unlocking. The difference is that the crank can only move when the button is pressed. That is, if you want to open or tilt a window, you have to press the button and move it to that position.

This mechanism definitely makes it impossible or difficult for a child to open a window. For the safety of the little ones, it is advisable to use key handles, for example on balcony doors.

Button handles provide additional security against theft. Any attempt to move or open the mechanism from the outside is very difficult as pressing the button from the inside will release the mechanism.

As a result, the thief has to spend more time opening the window or door, which can make theft completely impossible.

Window handles suitable for various opening systems

Door handles with a key are a very good solution for even more security, especially for windows that are at risk of being broken into, such as those on the ground floor or in the basement. The use of this solution increases the theft security of the window.

How do key handles work? Its functionality allows to block the movement of the handle when the window is closed or open. Locking is done by pressing a button fitted with an insert. However, unlocking the handle requires the use of a key.

In this simple way, windows and doors that are accessible to small children can be additionally secured. A more advanced keyed security system provides near-total control over swinging or opening windows or doors.

The locked window also means a very high level of protection against attempted break-ins. Put simply, this means that a thief will not be able to turn or pull the door handle. Key handles are definitely anti-theft handles.

handle assembly

Key handles are not much different from the installation. The process is the same as any other type of handle. Of course, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In the following video you can get advice from Winkhaus, a leading manufacturer of fittings for doors, patio doors and windows:

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