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When it comes to windows, there are many options to choose from. So how do you know which window is ideal for your living room? In this blog post, we talk about some factors to consider when making your decision. We also give you tips on how to choose the right window for your needs. Let us begin!

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The hallway or living room is a special place in every home. Here you receive guests, spend time with loved ones and cook and eat increasingly through the combination of living room with kitchen and dining room. So many functions in a room require very careful design and functional arrangement of each area.

One of the main elements of the living room are the windows. Once installed, they will likely accompany you for many years. Windows are not as easy to replace as a sofa or table. So let’s take a moment to think carefully about the expectations and requirements in this regard…

Match the look of the window to the design of the living room

In general, the appearance of windows ranks low on the list of important characteristics of good joinery. However, with living room windows it is customary to start precisely with the visual aspect, after all this is the most representative place in the house or apartment.

Depending on your needs, PVC windows can stand out or blend in almost seamlessly with the rest of the interior. A lot depends on the shape, frame color, material and decoration.

Windows in white and natural wood are the most classic and therefore the most neutral. A bolder color will definitely be a stronger accent. Modern technology makes it possible to get almost any color for plastic, wooden or aluminum windows.

It is good to know that the windows can have a different color of the frame, visible from the outside, and another in the room.

At Veneo we offer 43 different leaf colors in shades such as Charcoal Grey, Golden Oak, Walnut, Birch and many more. With access to the online custom window configurator, you can define the perfect color combination for your space.

What kind of shelter to choose for the living room?

In addition to optical differences, each material has its own specific properties. PVC windows are very easy to care for: they hardly require any special care. On the other hand, they are more sensitive to temperature changes, which can cause the profiles to expand and contract.

Wood is a value in itself: Even the most modern processes for painting plastic or aluminum profiles cannot fully reproduce the look of natural wood. The disadvantage of wooden windows is the more relevant care and maintenance. Every few years, wooden frames should be sanded and lightly painted.

Aluminum windows are currently the least popular in residential construction, mainly because of their high cost and low level of insulation compared to other materials available on the market.

To round off the theme of designing the windows in the living room, the matching blinds should also be mentioned. Many of them are both decorative and effective protection against overheating, too much light and the prying eyes of neighbors.

Various types of interior blinds, blinds, pleated blinds, curtains and curtains are suitable for the living room. A common solution is to install awnings, which also provide additional security against theft.

How big should the living room window be?

The size of the windows is closely related to the size of the living room itself and what you plan to do there at what time of the day. Without a doubt, facilitating the distribution of natural light in an area such as the dining table, kitchen counter or reading chair is a good idea.

If the living room overlooks the garden or other beautiful views, consider installing large glazing. These can be balcony or terrace doors (sliding doors are the most practical) or entire glazed walls.

However, moderation should be exercised: too much glazing and insufficiently strong walls can result in a very messy space. Therefore, the design of window size and placement should also include the furniture and equipment you want in the room.

Window overlooking the garden

As mentioned earlier, if your living room has a balcony or terrace, you can consider creating an open space to the garden. This way you will have more natural light inside the house and enjoy a unique atmosphere.

Thanks to the high level of lighting in the rooms, you can save on electricity costs and enjoy natural light and the warmth of the sun on winter days.

For rooms overlooking the garden, it is ideal to choose French windows; Folding or sliding windows and large windows that make the room look much larger.

Of course, when choosing a window for the living room, you need to choose a suitable glazing. For large areas, multi-layer glazing with argon gas between the panes should be used in addition to the five- or six-chamber sash profile for optimal sound and heat insulation.

Key features of a good window for a living room with a terrace

Good windows for the living room, like those for any other room in the house, should be warm, block out noise and provide adequate protection against burglary. Therefore, when comparing offers from different manufacturers, pay particular attention to factors such as:

  • Uw (thermal insulation value of the window): the lower the value, the better,
  • Rw (sound reduction index of the window): here a higher value means better sound insulation of the window,
  • RC (burglary resistance class): RC1 and RC2 class windows are most commonly used to secure residential buildings. The higher the number, the higher the security.

Selection of windows for the living room – summary

When furnishing your living room, you should not only pay attention to appearance, but also to functionality. You will probably spend a lot of time in this part of the house.

Make sure this place is comfortable. Properly selected and placed windows and doors, easy access to the sofa, table, favorite armchair or exit to the terrace – this is the convenience and pleasure of using the living room in everyday life and when gathering with family and friends.