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Sash windows are among the most standardized windows. They are characterized by high functionality and practicality, as well as aesthetic appearance. It is characterized by the presence of a sash, which gives minimalism and elegance to the entire carpentry. Casement windows are available from Veneo in many formats, features and colors.

Casement windows – basic elements

Hidden windows are usually square or rectangular. Depending on the basic equipment specified by the manufacturer, they are distinguished by different sizes and have a specific shape of the wing opening, usually alternating. The standard color of these windows is white, but there are also versions in more complex colors (at Veneo we offer 43 different panels). Single-leaf models can be supplemented with additional accessories, which increases their functionality and aesthetics.

Advantages of the single leaf swing opening

Single-leaf windows are the perfect decoration for the facade of the house. They give them a unique, extremely elegant and aesthetic look. Using this type of PVC windows reduces the ingress of air from the outside, which is especially important during the heating season.

Basically, single-leaf PVC windows have a larger surface area than double-leaf ones, which allows better lighting of the premises. This is especially important for small interiors that allow more light to enter. At the same time, transparent windows ensure more design consistency. They are easy to open and clean, undivided surfaces visually enlarge the space.

From the point of view of the opening, single-leaf PVC windows provide quick and efficient ventilation of interior spaces. If you want to learn more about how to properly ventilate rooms, read our article: How to ventilate the house?

Single Glazed Pivot Window – Dimensions

Single-leaf windows have specific dimensions determined by their width and height. These parameters are usually specified in this order. Something to keep in mind to avoid confusion when ordering joinery. With standard windows, the achievable dimensions are limited. This is due to technological problems: they can have a maximum width of 1500mm and a height of 1700mm. The situation is different for single-leaf patio doors, which may have a maximum width of 1200 mm and a maximum height of 2400 mm.

What affects the price of a single-sash window and when is it worth choosing?

When buying a single-leaf window, the price is a very important factor. Standard PVC windows generally cost less than investing in aluminum systems, which do not provide as high thermal insulation as PVC products. It is worth considering this aspect already at the design stage of the house, taking care to adjust the dimensions of the windows accordingly. We talk more about how to properly measure windows and their sizes here.

The lower price of standard sliding windows is due to rational production. The small amount of waste generated during the production phase of this type of joinery is not without significance.

If you want to check the price of your windows, access our online PVC window configurator, where you can choose the opening system, the glazing, the color of the sash you are interested in, as well as additional elements such as hinges or the colour can choose the joints. You can then create a complete offer or continue with the purchase process.

Sliding window – where is it installed?

Single-leaf windows are ideal for both modern and old buildings. They can be used in single-family houses, multi-family houses or multi-family houses. This type of carpentry is very versatile, which means that it offers great design options. Shape or color corrected products can be used successfully in modern buildings. An additional advantage is the possibility of enrichment with additional equipment, e.g. B. Handles with keys, stepped handles, hidden hinges, fans or anti-theft devices.

When is it worth choosing single-leaf windows?

Single glazed windows work particularly well in some cases. This solution fits very well in buildings with modern architecture. Currently, large double-glazed windows without mullions, transoms or other divisions are very fashionable. They offer a wide view to the outside and let more light into the rooms.

The dividing element in the middle of the pediment window occupies about 16-18 cm even if the so-called floating column is used. Therefore, a smaller width single window gives as much light as a larger double window.

Single glazing or double glazing?

Single-leaf windows are very different from double-leaf windows. This is directly reflected in its possible applications. The frequency with which these windows are opened largely depends on this. If rooms need to be ventilated regularly and frequently, double-leaf windows may be the better solution. Especially with large frames, they offer a little more comfort when opening.

The window format is another important consideration. If the width of the window is up to 1000 mm, then the single-leaf option will be more convenient. Above this value, it is worth considering double-hung windows, which can be more practical. However, this does not apply to the ease of cleaning. Simply hung windows are much easier to clean unless they are on very high floors.