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Which joinery to choose: PVC or wood? The choice is not easy. These two types of windows do not differ much from each other in terms of settings and properties. What is the reason? Energy efficiency, security or soundproofing depend more on the solutions used, such as seals, glass or fittings. Therefore, the choice between wood and PVC joinery largely depends on individual preferences. However, some features set them apart.

PVC and wood carpentry – advantages

It is undeniable that PVC joinery is very resistant. They are resistant to high and low temperatures, humidity or UV rays. Unlike wood, they do not suffer from chemical or biological corrosion.

They are resistant to fungi and mold. In contrast, the carpentry trade is characterized by a slightly higher natural air intake. These windows are more massive and stable. They are used when composing large emails. In this case, the PVC frames must be reinforced with steel, for example.

The same protective elements are used for plastic and wooden windows. This is the case, for example, with anti-theft windows or lockable fittings and handles. When it comes to fire protection, however, there are some differences. PVC joinery has self-extinguishing properties. This will prevent them from spreading the flames. Wooden windows have a significantly lower fire resistance.

Maintenance of PVC and wood carpentry

Of course, PVC windows are not a problem. They will look like new for years. You don’t need paint or varnish. This is what distinguishes it from carpentry. Plastic windows are also easy to clean. Conventional products can be used for cleaning.

Joinery made of natural wood requires regular maintenance, but it has its advantages. You can, for example, match the color of the façade. Plastic windows do not offer this possibility. In both cases, regular maintenance of the device must be taken into account.

PVC joinery in wood color

PVC windows are available in a variety of colors, including wood tones. As a result, they can hardly be distinguished from the outside of wooden windows.

The Veneo window configurator gives you more than 40 different colors for plastic profiles. You can choose tones such as birch, natural oak, golden oak or walnut.

In addition, the configurator allows you to customize all the elements of the case, such as B. Profile type, glazing (glass based on thermal and acoustic insulation, e.g. two or three chambers with argon gas between the glasses).

Aluminum carpentry

In addition to the installation of plastic or wooden windows, the aluminum variant is very popular. Due to its high thermal conductivity, however, this material falls into oblivion.

Therefore, to improve the properties of aluminum profiles, thermal break systems are used.

If you want to know more about the properties of aluminum windows and how they compare to PVC windows in terms of heat transfer, thermal insulation and soundproofing, click here.

How much does PVC and wood carpentry work cost?

It should be noted that wooden windows are much more expensive than PVC. This is mainly due to the extremely complex manufacturing process. Wood is a natural material that needs to be dried, glued, impregnated, painted several times, etc. It takes a lot of time.

The wood used is also important. The more durable the windows, the more expensive they are. PVC joinery is less expensive, but no less durable and functional. Its production process is simply simpler and shorter, hence the lower price.