Veneo – PVC joinery How do I remove the protective tape from a PVC joinery? – Poison

Windows newly installed on site are pasted over. The adhesive tape is used to protect PVC window frames from dirt, scratches or other damage that may occur during on-site assembly of the window frames. Why is it so important to remove tape quickly? And what if you forgot to remove it and then removing it becomes problematic? We explain it to you!

When should the protective film be removed?

The special adhesive tape used to protect PVC windows must be removed immediately after the windows have been installed or, if necessary, after the brickwork has been completed. After that, just tear off the end of the tape and pull with slight force, and the tape will easily come off the window frame. The protective tape that lasts the longest on installed windows is exposed to the elements. Mostly sunlight so you’ll have a hard time removing it later.

How do I remove the old protective film?

What if you don’t peel off the tape in time and now you have a problem? Of course, do not use any products that contain caustics (bleach) or detergents. Also, do not use scrapers or strong solvents to remove old tape. This leads to scratches, scrapes and frame damage. In addition, fogging or discoloration of window frames can occur. If you’re already having trouble removing the tape, it’s best to try a less invasive method like a steam cleaner. The steam that develops under pressure dissolves the adhesive and makes it easier for you to tear off the remains of the adhesive tape. This is a labor intensive process. Glue residues are removed with mild household cleaners.

Need more advice on cleaning PVC windows?

On the Veneo blog we tell you when and how to clean PVC window frames to keep them clean and protect them from the effects of bad weather and heavy rain. Don’t hesitate to click if you want to enjoy clean joinery and neat connections and fittings. In this way you benefit from the well-preserved color of your joinery and extend the life of your PVC joinery.