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Can modern design be combined with anti-theft protection? Does the glass package that has become so fashionable in recent years affect the solidity of the building? What do I need to know about glass front doors? We tell you all about it below.

Products with glass elements are trendy

One of the most important elements of a building is the exterior door. They no longer have a purely functional meaning. They also play an important aesthetic role. Design and color significantly shape the character of the entire house.

The entrance door can subtly emphasize the style of the building, blend in with the elements of the facade or be an original distinctive element. One thing is certain: the front door is not just the entrance to the house, but also an important design element. Your choice must therefore be carefully considered.

Modern entrance doors should have an interesting design. Many people choose designs that match the building’s facade and other important features of the property (like the garage). In this way, the landscape design is preserved with a similar aesthetic. The most frequently selected colors are the current colors Anthracite, walnut, oak and other wood tones.

The trend of opting for external doors, on the other hand, is becoming more and more popular. Doors in rich colors and bold patterns ensure carefree design. This brings a relaxed architectural freedom to the space. Glazed front doors are even more popular. More and more manufacturers are opting for glazed models. Is this solution effective and safe?

The glazed outer door is secure

Large double-glazed windows are becoming increasingly popular. These are mainly large panoramic windows, but also modern glazed entrance doors. Glazing appears not only on the door leaf. Modern models are an overall structure consisting of the fender and the side and top lights.

Regardless of the size of the glazed area, this type of design often worries customers. They wonder if the glass door is airtight, if it insulates noise well, and if installing it is really a safe solution.

We answer: yes, yes and yes. A A glass front door is safe as long as a trusted manufacturer is used. Modern crystals used in doors are so-called double-glazed windows. They consist of at least two very resistant crystals separated by a spacer and filled with an inert gas.

They are therefore durable, have excellent insulating properties and offer effective protection against external noise. We particularly recommend PVC entrance doors from Veneo. They can also be combined with anti-theft systems from the well-known Winkhaus brand.

Entrance doors with glass pane and privacy screen

The installation of glass structures raises privacy issues. The owners of the house are wondering if the interior of the house will be visible to other neighbors. Let yourself be reassured: Reflective glass can be used in modern glass used in exterior doors. They reflect the sunlight and give the impression of a mirror finish. This solution guarantees maximum comfort and privacy for residents.

Frosted glass or decorative glass can also be used. This type of glazing makes it difficult to see the house from the outside. If you are currently choosing a front door for your home, we recommend the article: How do I choose a front door? It contains many valuable tips to help you make a decision.

A glazed front door enhances the aesthetics of the building

The glass house door is the ideal solution for people who appreciate modern design and closeness to nature. Large glazing is a very interesting architectural element, often used by modern designers. They not only create an impression of lightness, but also bring elegant minimalism into the design. In addition, they make it possible to illuminate the interior without depriving the residents of the house of thermal comfort.

The floor-to-ceiling glazing of the door blurs the boundary between inside and outside. They open the house to the nature that surrounds it. All this leads to a significant improvement in the aesthetic qualities inside and outside the building.

Which glass is best for front doors?

The best front door glass cannot be … just glass. At least two crystals should be used, this is called vitrification. Installation of these glazings on external doors guarantees thermal comfort, soundproofing and safety. However, you should choose solutions offered by proven companies specializing in the manufacture of double-glazed windows.

Veneo offers a whole range of safety glazing. They are based on high-quality glasses from the manufacturers of the well-known Climalit glass units and have elements to improve the insulation parameters, such as the Swissspacer Ultimate thermal layers.

Glass doors for your home

A glass door is a great idea for a modern home. It offers many advantages, such as improved thermal comfort or soundproofing. Large panes of glass are a very interesting decorative element that helps illuminate the interior of the house.

However, goggles should be fitted to avoid possible accidents. Veneo offers a wide range of quality solutions for this, such as the already mentioned argon glazing, sun protection films and Swisspacer Ultimate thermal spacers.

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