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The first windows with plastic frames were made in the middle of the 20th century. However, plastic windows remain controversial with some to this day. Many people wonder if it is true that white PVC windows turn yellow over time. The question also arises as to whether the polyvinyl chloride from which they are made is harmful to health.

It is also interesting to know if PVC joinery promotes the appearance of mold. Are you looking for reliable information on this topic? You’ve come to the right place, here we demystify the myths surrounding plastic windows.

Myths about PVC profiles:

Do white PVC windows turn yellow?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or polyvinyl chloride is a polymer used in the manufacture of plastics. It is used in various industries including windows and doors. Although it has been used in the manufacture of windows for more than seven decades, and the technology of PVC window manufacture has changed dramatically even during this time, there are still many myths about it. Let’s see the most popular ones.

For years, white plastic windows were the most popular. Over the years, prolonged exposure to sunlight and air pollutants (e.g. sulfur dioxide and trioxide, nitrogen oxides or carbon monoxide) has caused their frames to lose their snow-white hue. Because? The polymer structure of polyvinyl chloride plastic deteriorates, which manifests itself, among other things, in the yellowing and darkening of the frames.

Although PVC window technology has advanced since then, there is still a widespread claim that white PVC windows yellow over time. TRUE? Certainly not with high-quality windows from well-known manufacturers. Unlike in the first few years after the appearance of plastic windows on the market, color changes in white PVC window frames are no longer noticeable.

Its composition is enriched with stabilizers – mainly calcium-zinc stabilizers, which have replaced previously used lead or cadmium stabilizers harmful to human health. What is his goal? Thanks to them, PVC window frames retain their color and structure much longer than before, for example, they do not yellow or fade.

The key to keeping white PVC windows in good condition is proper maintenance. White plastic joinery should be regularly cleaned with mild detergents free from alkaline compounds, acids and abrasive elements so as not to damage their surface. Here you will find further information on the care of PVC profiles and the appropriate cleaning agents.

The abundance of colors of PVC profiles

Over the years, with the development of the composition of PVC profiles, the production technology has also changed. From now on we are no longer limited to a white PVC product, but can choose from a wide range of finishes.

The purchase of PVC windows in Spain continues to increase and more and more customers are opting for quality installation of windows and doors.

In the Veneo online window configurator you will find more than 40 different shades, ideal for each of the profiles in our offer. In addition, you can easily add to cart, customize, budget and even buy your products 100% online with just a few clicks. Note that if you order 5 pieces you benefit from a 50% discount on shipping costs and if you buy 10 windows, delivery is free.

More myths about PVC profiles:

Do plastic windows promote the appearance of mold in the premises?

Among the myths surrounding PVC windows, it is often mentioned that they can encourage mold to appear in enclosed spaces. Several factors favor the development of microfungi in glazed rooms. Firstly, the rooms must have high humidity and at the same time a lack of adequate ventilation.

In addition, windows that are too tight without a micro-ventilation function can promote mold growth. When all of these factors occur at the same time, moisture can condense and settle on cold spots such as exterior walls, window edges or the window frame area on the wall.

On the other hand, the damp walls of the heated room are an ideal habitat for micromycetes. But does that mean plastic windows are the cause of indoor mold? Of course not. The culprit is insufficient ventilation of the house. Today, however, there is hardly a PVC window model that is not equipped with a micro-ventilation option. In the Veneo offer you will find cabinets that have this option, in addition to high-resistance PVC profiles and low-emission glasses with argon gas between the glasses as standard.

Another possible reason for the appearance of mold in the house can be a heat leak, which is due, among other things, to housing made of poor-quality materials. Regarding the material components of PVC window frames, in order to eliminate any doubts, we leave you the link to our article How to get started buying window frames. Here you will find all the necessary information about the products available on the market and what to look for when choosing PVC windows for your home.