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PVC is a highly insulating material that is 1100 times better than aluminum, making it the ideal choice for window profiles. In addition, PVC profiles do not heat up to high temperatures from exposure to sunlight, thereby preventing the transfer of heat into the room.

Carpentry for thermal insulation

Insulating a home is often not considered until the cold weather sets in in the fall and winter. But did you know that insulating your home is important all year round? Here are some of the reasons:

1) Insulation reduces energy costs by increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

2) Keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter, which is essential for home comfort.

3) Protect your home from moisture, mold and fungi that can damage your building and harm your health.

4) Increase the comfort of your home by avoiding these problems.

What type of PVC profile best insulates the house?

In order to achieve optimal thermal insulation inside the house, a number of factors are taken into account that can lead to energy losses and thus the formation of the famous thermal bridge.

Fortunately, there is at least more than one solution that can be used to avoid this problem. The first step would be to look for heat leaks in the house and insulate old windows and doors.

However, the best way to achieve perfect thermal insulation of the house is to install PVC windows with well-sealed blinds. The most important thing when choosing PVC profiles is that they are of good quality and have the necessary insulating properties to prevent heat loss.

In the Veneo offer you will find various types of PVC profiles for cassette systems and sliding windows, as well as a wide range of low-emissivity glasses with argon gas between the glasses. You can find more information in our window, door and blinds configurator!

PVC windows – the best choice for the house

Apart from the fact that PVC is a highly insulating material, the other components that you can apply to your windows will further improve the performance of your PVC windows and have very satisfactory thermal insulation coefficients.

These are above all the number of cameras in the profile, the type of glass used (double or triple low-emission with inert gas) and the good seal.

Finally, PVC windows offer other advantages. It is a lightweight and durable material that does not require regular maintenance or painting. All these qualities make it the ideal option to ensure the thermal insulation of your home.